Blackhawk Field Archers shoot 5/21&22

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussions' started by Chris, May 22, 2005.

  1. Chris

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    Well, I took the whole family to the shoot today. We showed up late so we wouldn't be holding everyone up.

    The shoot was real good. Most of the targets were in good to excellent condition. They cut new lanes and completely changed to course. It really made things interesting.

    There were some tough shots and tough to judge shots. The pink panther was really tough to judge. I got a 10 and was very happy. There were a couple of close shots. One was about 7 yards and the other about 4 yards.

    The one that gave me a 5 was the small baboon. I just could not talk myself into giving it the yardage I came up with. I kept saying they couldn't have put it that far.

    If I'm not mistaken, there was a howling wolf on the first 16 targets that was put on the field course. The marker was right there and said 45 yards. Yet, I think they moved the field course target back to fool everyone. Yes, it fooled me.

    Good course, good setup and good shoot!:)