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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Lance Beyer, Jun 8, 2006.

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    I just recently got more involved in target archery. I purchased a Mathews Ovation (28.5 in draw @ 60 lbs). I have a 28" Carter stabilizer, a Sure-loc Edge target sight with 9" bar, and a Bulls Eye Grande Millenium scope with a 4x lens. No matter what I do, I can not get a clear sight picture with my current scope & lens. The target is magnified, but it is so blurry sometimes that it is hard to even see the X. Has anybody else had this problem, and what can be done to get a clearer sight picture? Thanks
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    I had the same problem as you. To clear up the blurred lens you will probably need to install a clarifier in your peep sight. Super peep is what I use, they are threaded and you can change the size peep hole for what kind of shooting you are doing. A rule of thumb, a lens power of 1-5 you can use a number 1 clarifier a 6 power a number 2 clarifier and a 7-8 power a number 3 clarifier. Also, if you by chance wear glasses, this will blur the lens on your scope as well. I have been told that if you wear contacts, the lens will not be blurred like they will with glasses. I suppose it is in a since looking thru something that has magnification thru something that has magnification, it just don't work. Super peep is made by Specialty Archery Products and you can probably get them from Chris here on 3D shoots store. I am sure he can help you out with that. They carry a lot of stuff like that. Hope this helps you, anything else just give us a shout, I am sure someone on here can help you out.

    Goodluck and good shooting:peace:

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    blury scope

    Lance, There is a problem with not enough light getting to the lens, You can try a clarifer, super peep make one in 3 strenght and sizes, also a scope that is open helps.. The smaller the size the clearer the sight picture. i have a SureLoc Black egale and I have been seeking advice from the reps and trying out what they say. Archery specialty makes the super peep and scopes. They are very helpful with their info. They have a web site. I hope this clears things up for you. God Bless & Straight Shootin, HS
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    Is very blurry for me.

    Need to reduce the lens power.

    Clarifier lens will help but I dont recommend that because of rain and dust.