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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by fkanderson, Jun 6, 2006.

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    I'm new to archery and have some questions about scopes
    I am shooting at an indoor range at 20 and 50 feet range with my SAP Super Scope w/6X and have really started to get very accurate. The thing is looking through my peep and the scope the target is just very blury. I have perfect vision its just that the 6x gives a very nice sized target for me but its just really out of focus (its like looking through a bad set of glasses) is there any kind of gizmo I can get or possibly a better scope so what I am looking at is actually clear and focused?? I am sure it would really help me target the dead center if I could actually see it clearly :)

    My Setup
    2004 Hoyt UltraElite Bow
    Hoyt/QuickTune 3000 Arrowrest
    24 inch Super Six Ultra Light
    Sure-Loc Supreme 400 sight with 9 inch extension
    SAP Super Scope w/6X center drilled T lens
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    Try getting a Clarifier peep this should focus your sight. I personaly don't use anything over a 4X lens. Hope this helps.

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    Hey there fkanderson :welcome: to 3DSHOOTS. Glad to have you on board here with us. As far as blurry vision with a scope you can go to a proshop and they may have a CLARIFIER for your peep which will help out greatly. Good luck and have fun my new friend. By the way where are you from and what do you shoot?
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    Greetings, Good to have you on board. I shoot a SureLoc .6 scope I have a #1 super peep as a clarifier, It is slightly blury, I am trying to find out if there is another strenght peep . Hope this will help you. A clarifier is a must. HS:decision:
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    Blured peep try this Here is a site I just looked at. Maybe it will give you some help. I hope this worked out to show you where to go. They have a tech site you can ask questions at. God Bless & Straight Shooting, HS
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