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  1. Fury

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    Well I'm gettin used to shooting with a release.
    It's great except that it's blistering my wrist.

    Fingers with my old Yamaha I can at 20yrds put 3 of 4 arrows in a 3 inch circle.
    With the release I can put 3 out of 4 in a coke bottlecap.

    I'm now tearing up fletches shooting through them.
    I hope I don't start tearing up arrows.

    Still shooting easton 1816 [email protected]".
    trying a 125 grain point not seeing any real difference though.

    Thinking of trying a helical fletching, or quick spin vanes to see if I can improve my consistancy, & groups.

    I think switching from a flip rest, to a whiskerbiscut, or drop rest would also improve my shots.
    Atleast until I've chosen a hunting bow.

    Still I love this bow, & I think I'm gonna tweak it out.
    New rest, improved sights, new string, tighter peep.

    I've narrowed my choice of hunting bows down to the PSE Triton, The PSE Firestorm Lite, and The Ross CR331.

    Tell me what yall think about all these things.
  2. Radar

    Radar Story of my life

    Do you mean the wrist strap on your release is blistering your wrist or your bow hand is blistering? If it is your bow hand your draw length is too long. Good to hear your getting great groups!

  3. Fury

    Fury Guest

    Yep it's all good

    I remeasured my 1st pin set up because at 20yrds i have to aim 8 or so inches low, turns out it's sitting at 30 yrds.

    I'm useing the elcheapo vanes on my arrows, so i think I could be more consistant if i bought better vanes.

    Ya it's my wrist strap on my release that's blistering me.