Bought a Mathews Switchback XT

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by slamdam, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. slamdam

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    Well after a couple of months of waiting for the 07 Hoyts to come out I got ancy at the Archery store while i was shooting my bow and shot a Switchback and a Trykon. They both shot very smooth and were stable. When I went to draw back the Hoyt it felt like my shoulder was gonna rip out of my socket. It was set at 60 lbs and pulled back like it was 80. My Reflex is set at 65 and pulls back WAY easier. It was also loud when I shot it. I shot the Mathews 3 times and that was it. I pulls smooth, its got a rock solid wall on it and is VERY stable after the shot. The only thing that I didn't like about it is that it is very top heavy. But at full draw it wasn't an issue. So I decided to get the Mathews based on the whole draw issue. I LOVE Hoyts and have been shooting them for 10 yrs but I just didn't like how they pulled back. I have my Mathews set at 70 lbs and it STILL pulls back easier than the Hoyt did. I got a NAP drop away rest and had it sighted in out to 30 yrds in about a half an hour. I love the way it shoots. Its so smooth and very forgiving. I wouldn't trade it for any other bow. I just wish that I would have bought it a year ago.
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    congrats!!!!! I thought that the switchbacks were nice bows when I shot them against the Trykon XL. I ended up going with the Trykon XL. Felt better to me but thats just me. Again congrats on your new bow:rockon:

  3. tek

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    Congrats on your new bow!

    I also shot the Switchback and the XT before I bought the Trykon XL. I just dont like bows that short and the XL is about as short as I will go. The Switchback is a nice bow, enjoy.
  4. Scottie

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    (2)totally different cams and draw curves. I am Hoyt guy, but did not care for the Trykon. The Trykon XL on the other hand seemed like totally different animal and proved to be a great bow and provided some good speed as well.
    Their new Vectrix is alot smoother than the Zephyr. The Mathews cam is much smoother because it's a less aggressive cam. You'll need to shoot 70 lbs. to achieve what you could @ about 63 lbs. on the trykon.

    I replaced string/cables on a couple of Switchbacks this year and they are a very smooth drawing and shooting bow for sure. I'm sure you'll be very happy with it!!! If I may, can I recommend replacing the factory string. I put VT on (2)of them and increased the speed by average of 6 fps. doing so and more importantly eliminated string stretch or peep twist.

    Congrats on a nice bow. I love Mathews camo too.
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    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I am still waiting for the 15th before deciding on what to get.......
  6. phone guy

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    my bow shop is recommending the vectrix from what he says it puts the trykon to shame. The cam on the vectrix is supposed to be alot smoother. I know what you mean about ripping your arm off.
  7. BowhuntnHoosier

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    Congrats on the new XT. I love mine it is truly an amazing bow.
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    congrats with the xt i like them and would like to get one of my own.
  9. slamdam

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    I love it. thanks everybody. I am waiting for my viper sights to come in then off the the woods to find some boars!!!!