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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by timberwolfpl, Oct 7, 2007.

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    I have a question for you folks.I and a shoulder injury several years ago and would like to get back into archery however,I am right handed and my injury will not allow me to shot right handed.I have be toying around with a lefty recurve at 60# and do fairly well,this recurve was more to see it i even could shoot left so i am not locked into it.
    What would some of your suggestions be in regards to moving forward with a compound bow,and what would be some of the advantages/disadvantages with my given shoulder injury?
  2. Switching sides

    If you are comfortable with the recurve from the left side I would go to a pro shop and try a 50/60 compound. Most shops will help you get setup with something that you can handle. One problem you might have with a recurve is right eye domiance. I never could shoot a recurve with one eye closed.

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    what if u shot real low poundage right handed ? would that still bother your shoulder?
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    i started off shooting lefty and shot that way for many years till one season i need a new bow and couldnt afford one so i started using my dads that was right handed. took a little getting used to but i picked it up quick. shot my frist deer right handed 2 weeks later! just give it a try and practice practice practice!