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    My 5yo little girl is quickly becoming my little hunting and fishing buddy.
    She likes to watch me shoot my bow and try to pull my arrows. I was just thinking. Do they make a bow that will have a light enough draw that she can pull? What draw weight do you think she should be able to handle?
    She will be 6 in november. Most of the smaller bows go to 20 pounds and I am not sure if she can pull that.
    I got her one of the toy suction cup things. She lost intrest in it. She kept wanting to shoot my arrows out of it. I would like to get her a little compound that is camoed so it at least "looks" like mine. I do not think a blue or red toy looking thing will work for her long. What can I say her favorite color is camo.

    Oh on a side note. When she came home from the first day of kindergarten last year. She was so excited they had this castle in the corner of the room and the kids could climb a little ladder to get in the top of it. Maybe 3.5- 4 ft up.
    She comes home all excited and tells me Daddy they got a treestand in our room. Ahh does my heart good. :laugh: :laugh:
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    I got my little girl a Darton Ranger. It has a lot of draw length ajustment and if I remember right when she first started out with it I had the draw weight down to around 15 pounds, and I can't remember what her length was. Sence then I think I've added about three inches of draw length and she's up to 25 pounds of draw weight. The bow is real easy to adjust the draw length and weight, I usually do it myself.
    She goes to all the shoots and practises with me just about anytime I shoot. She even shot in leagues last winter with me. Setting her up with equipment was the best money I ve ever spent on archery.

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    "tree stand in my room"...
    That's too great... Good for you guys. Wish I could offer advice on a bow but I'm sure other could. My kids are grown and are FAR from the outdoor life. Let alone shoot a bow. They think I'm a younger version of Ted Nugent, who they think is nuts anyway...