Bow for my 4 year old

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by bback01, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. bback01

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    My son has showed interest in learning how to shoot. I need to know who would have the best bow for someone his size? I would need the lightest pull, Shortest draw length, and lightest and shortest bow.
  2. Dredly

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    to be honest at 4 I would suggest getting him either a very very small recurve or one of those "toy" fiberglass bows that have 10 pounds of pull. I think he is still to little for any "real" bow.

  3. Chris

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    Check out They offer the tom thumb bow. It a great little bow for kids. It has machined cams, riser, etc.
  4. phone guy

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    I bought the stacey tom thumb for my son You really should call them up. They can grow into the bow all the way to fourty lbs The limbs cam and string can all be changed to grow with the child. I was really impressed. By no means is it a toy. It is a real bow.
  5. Jay Are

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    I started my son with a $20 fiberglass recurve at age 4. This was to check to make sure he really wanted to shoot or it was just a phase because his daddy is doing it. I didn't want to spend the money on something that he didn't want in a few months.
    Now that he is six, earlier this year i got him a Mini-Genesis, which he loves. The bow is light enough that if the kids wanted to do some 3D with it's not too heavy to carry and has enough energy to stick in 3D targets. (Which is really encouraging) The only problem i have with it, is since there is no draw stop on it, he has a tendency to over draw. Which i corrected and put a draw stop on the cable slide.

    I would recommend going slow and start small. You can upgrade the bow at anytime when your kid is ready for it.