bow kills second pin sight... deer rest easy

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by dogbowne, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. dogbowne

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    The bow has now managed to break two sights.
    The first was a Tru-Glo Brite Site Xtreme, the second a Copper John Dead Nuts.

    Original problem : mounting arm screws would come loose
    Original solution : Loctite the screws

    New Problem : sight mounting arm develops cracks

    The Tru-Glo was in pieces after about 100 shots. The Copper John cracked after a few hundred shots. So far it's non fatal (after around 600 shots), but it's fretting like mad (prolific aluminum dust around the crack line.)

    I have a new High Country Archery Maveric model hunting bow. It's a 70# DW on a 32" DL (and with a 78 inch arm span I'd buy a longer draw if I could find it.) Arrows are carbon express cx 400's with a 90 grain field point. I'm shooting relaese off a string loop. The only thing I've added to the bow is a Doinker A-bomb 7" hunter extreme stabilizer.

    An oh, today the string has started to badly fray above the top serving and the guide bar has backed 3/8" out of the riser (yet the string guides still move freely on the bar.)

    What in tarnation am I doing wrong??
  2. rdnkgrl_robinhood

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    The best I can tell you is get that thing to a shop and get it checked out before you get hurt.

  3. papito

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    You should definetly get that bow to the shop because your wasting money destroying new sights and that is very dangerous if your bow has that much shock. That could lead to broken limbs and not just the bows.
  4. YankeeRebel

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    What she said. Get the Bow to a shop that can really look that Bow over and find the problem. And have em' look that string over or get it replaced. Good luck. :thumb: