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    Hey Guys !!
    Just thought I would let you know that my Brother and I are going to be selling some bow presses within the next week or two.

    The presses are heavy duty , they can press any compound bow you might have, is safe and gentle on your bow because it presses from the limbs not the riser, completely and totally adjustable to fit any bow, and as I said really heavy duty for years and years and years of use.

    And best of all... Much cheaper than the factory presses you can buy.
    We will even give a discount to members if you would like to buy one.

    We are also going to be selling a really good portable press that you can pack up and take with you on your hunting trips or to the range for those Emergency repairs we all know to well that happen at the worst possible time.

    These portables are made much better than the cheaper versions in the stores and will also press any compound safely and quickly.

    Also giving a discount to members for these also.

    As soon as I can get some pics of the presses I will post them on the site.

    We are currently waiting on the finishing of the presses.

    let me know if your interested, we only have 10 of the shop presses to sell at this time and 10 of the portables.

    But as I stated we are waiting on the finishing touches.

    IT will be a couple of weeks before we have any more to sell.

    If your interested, PM or email me at and let me know and I can try to get you a concept drawing of what the bow presses will look like and give you the prices for members.

    everything was designed using a 3D design / engineering software.

    We have over 20 years experience in the design and manufacturing industry and are avid bowhunters and 3D archers.

    Made by Bowhunters & Archers for Bowhunters & Archers

    They have been tested and put through the routines and they are really great presses we know you will be really happy and satisfied with.

    You will be happy with the quality, the adjustability the dependability and the ease of use along witht he great price.

    These are less than half the price of comparable presses.

    Thanks !!!
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  3. Ohiobowhunter67

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    email me at the given address or PM me and I will send some pics to you.

    I have tried to post them and it will not take them.

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    here are some 3D models of the presses.

    the presses are not back from paint yet, this weekend I am hoping to have some real pics.
    but this should give you an idea of what they will look like.
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    nice....:thumb: what's the price on that little gem?
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    There is a price list depending on what type of press you would like.

    If you would like a price list email me at

    I will reply to you with the prices & the discount we are giving.
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    Here is some prices for all of you who have been asking.

    You will get the member prices in the brackets.

    after the first 10 presses are gone, the prices will go up to their normal prices, because Steel is almost doubling in price and that means these presses will cost 2 x the original amount for materials we are paying right now.

    Why steel is going up.. I have no idea, but We have been informed of it.

    so get em while the gettin is good, because in a couple of weeks they will cost more.

    Twist Jack & Adjustment Bars =250.00 Regular price ( Members Price $189.00 )
    Hydraulic Jack & Adjustment bars = 220.00 ( Members Price $169.00 )

    We can substitute the solid adjustment bars with heavy guage chain link at a $10.00 discount, if you would prefer that.

    Shipping cost are buyers responsibility.

    I will not pad / gouge the shipping like our oil companies do to us.