bow tuning 101?

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    So many people are paper tuning? I have seen laser, levels, rod and walk back tuning and it will work but here is my story:
    If the center of you bow is the burger button hole, why don’t we use it? If the string and cam/idler are the center of the bow vertically, why don’t we use it?
    Take a look at the Rest Assured Tuning Tool and see how it works!
    Why do we throw our bows out of time to make an arrow shoot?
    Why don’t we find an arrow that will shoot with our bows in time?
    I do some vertical line walk back tuning only to see if my arrow selection is right.
    The first thing I would do is to purchase a Rest Assured and set my rest up RIGHT and try the arrow. I have to see if it will hit a vertical line at 5 feet and then walk back 50 yards and see if the arrow still hits the line at that distance, if so than you are set. If the arrow hit left of the vertical line at 50 yards you can try adding or taking away point weight until the arrow hit its mark. Some arrows to stiff and require a little more weight up front to help brake the spine(stiffness). Once you have found the magic arrow you are ready some of the best shooting you have ever done.