Bowhunting Ran Bears??

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by Shaman, Mar 8, 2007.

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    Since my son might need a procedure, I can not afford to go on the NB hunt with my Dad and Brother. So a coworker of mine talked to her relative and asked about a deal with him. He is interested though we have not talked price.

    He runs bears and bobcats with hounds.
    No one has ever asked him to do it with a bow before.

    Anyone have any experience bowhunting bears run with hounds?

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    I have not gone on a hunt myself, but a friend of mine has, and an outfitter I hired for a bait hunt in Maine was very into hunting with dogs. We discussed his hunts at length.

    It is an easy hunt, that is pretty much a 100% chance of getting an opportunity. The dogs do most of the work but you better be in good shape because you will be putting some miles on your boots through some hardcore terrain.The fun is watching and listening to the dogs do their work which is very exciting. Of course anywhere that holds bears is generally Gods country so the expierence is first class.

    The treed bear sounds very adrenaline filled but the kill seems anticlimatic to me which is why I chose not to persue the hunt myself. It must be a lot more fun than sitting in a treestand for 6-8 hours a day for 6 days in a row without seeing a bear; which is what happened to me.

  3. Holy Smokes

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    I had some old Buds that did this a few years back and really enjoied it.

    i have seen a few from my stand where it is a bear preserve.

    Pretty unnerving when those ol boys walk right up ta ya and look up at ya.

    I told on time that he could have tha tree I was in iff'n he wanted it cauz there was another one right next ta me that I would have enjoied gettin in.

    uhh nice bear> HS
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    I have been on hound hunts where the hunter shot the bear with his bow. The biggest problem is getting an open bow shot. I have seen a few slam dunks with a gun that would have been no shots with a bow. Good luck to you!