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    OK, so I've been away from my bow & the woods for the better part of 4 years (due to living in a nice and sunny tropical paradise, with lots of pretty fish, but no hunting). I hunting for years with a bow, but am self-taught (which should means I have lots of bad habits).

    I've made a committment to get back into the woods with my bow...

    But, I want to do it right :cool:

    So, I would like to work my draw-weight back to about 70-ish pds and be able to consistently group (~3") at about 40-45yds (over time).

    That having been said, its my form I'm concerned about. I definitely punch the release and hold the bow with a death grip, probably from being self taught and having "sometimes" to shoot really quickly (no comment).

    My question to the bowhunters out there: how have you found a balance between form and real shooting situations? do you adapt to the shot? limit yourself to opportunities where shooting with "perfect" form is possible? or just let it rip?

    I would like to find a balance that works for me and dedicate my practice time to setting the muscle memory to it.

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions!
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    They don't seem to be for everybody but that one thing I really like about the Hind; if you can't get the correct picture it is very obvious you don't have the shot. Now for puching the release for example it's no help - but there is no fudging with them and talking yourself into "having a shot". As far as draw weight just remember it's going to be easier to handle more weight in practice than when it's cold and windy and.........

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    First off: :welcome:

    Now to your question. For punching the trigger, it depends on what release you are using, but what I do is to place the trigger in the second knuckle joint and squeeze with the whole finger. The tip of your finger is too sensitive and you will be able to anticipate the shot. You will be in a hurry to get it off so you punch. If it's in the second knuckle you have to squeeze to get it to go off. When you practice this, hold your sight on target and start to squeeze, mentally count up. You should get to six or seven before the shot actually goes off.

    Gripping the bow; I don't grip the bow once I have the release hooked to the loop. I use the rearward tension of the release to hold the bow against the center of my bow hand, even during the draw. You have to concentrate on keeping your hand open and have faith that your sling will catch your bow. Let it rock forward, then grip it.

    Practice on your form first. Practice, practice, practice. Once you have it down and committed to muscle memory, speed will come. In a hunting situation with the adrenaline flowing and the heart pumping, your body falls back to muscle memory (we fight like we train). If you have it down in practice, your body will remember during the stress of a hunting situation and your shot will be quick.

    Hope this helps! :wave:
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    First off:welcome: To the forum you came to the right place
    The death grip your gonna have to work on that by centering your mind on the weight of the pull to be to the rear of the bow.
    The 2nd question is in 2 parts.
    Being your just getting back in it and you allready have what we call ( Target Panic )
    To cure this take your bow and crank it down as far as you can..for practice..
    around 50lbs if ya can
    some shoot at a blank bale or target..ill tell you how i cure it
    1: Take a target face or target..and shoot at low bow poundage at around 10 yds //No further and consentrate on your forum
    Use a count down method like out loud 10 counting 0 shoot
    Another practice is to hold the bow at full draw..10 yds on the bullseye count 10 backwards and let the bow down..dont this 5 times on the 6th time do the same and shoot.
    Target panic is normal to many archers your not alone
    I get it on targets and have to back up and work on mine like before mentioned
    On a live animal ive never got target panic..i guess its because its just 1 shot
    Target panic is all in your mind that comes from your mind telling you your gonna miss the target..shooting high poundage bows at ranges around 50yds does it for me thats why after i sight in my 50 i take very few shots at this range
    Also 1 thing that works for me is i shoot recurves as well as compounds ad to switch off gives me a break.
    The other thing you mentioned about getting back to 70lbs and shooting 40-45yds
    Dont worry about that..i use to think you need high poundage...ya dont
    i hunt on 62lbs and shoot 288fps..thats plenty..and i can hold my hunting bow back along time on a deer
    45yds..thats pushin it in the woods
    I consentrate on 30 or less..dont get me wrong ill take shoots further if condisions are perfect..but i want to be 100% inside 30yds
    Hope this helps
    and again:welcome: to the found a great sight:biggrin1:
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    Thanks everyone for your comments

    Gripping the Bow: does not gripping the bow (ie centered in the hand with fingers open) really have an affect on accuracy? The reason I ask, is that I hunt a lot in non-bow-friendly stands (designed for rifles) with bars and such in front of me... not sure about letting the bow rock into those...

    Thanks for suggested practice tips! I'll definitely use them, and see how those could help get me back into shape...
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    heres you a site that will give you much insite into the bow hand and its function in the shot
    Hope you can glean what you are looking for
    Good ta have you here Sm:smokin:kes :welcome:
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    Thanks very much, very interesting and informative article... looks like I have one for aspect of my form to modify.
    Will have to think of how this should be handled in treestands mentioned above...

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    Lot's of great suggestion so far. Here's my experience on tree stand hunting. I haven't missed or lost a deer in the two years I've started doing this(I haven't shot at deer much over 20 yards out yet either). I set up a practice stand in my back yard at the same height I hunt from, about 30'. While wearing a safety belt I practice in my tree stand once or twice a month year round, several times a week for a couple months prior to bow season, and once a week during bow season. I draw as though I'm going to shoot straight out and hold my form while bending at the waist, instead of lowering my arm. I practice in the same weather I hunt in; wind, rain, snow, ect. I don't have perfect form and some times I have to punch the trigger as my sight window passes over my target when it's windy, but I can usually put my arrows in a softball size target out to 20 yards or so regardless of conditions. I also sometimes practice with any gear on I might be wearing when I hunt. I'm not a great target shooter. My accuracy goals are 1" groups at 10 yards, 2" at 20, 3" at 30, 4" at 40 and 5" at 50. I still don't meet my goals regularly beyond 30 yards after 3 years of light practice, and 2 years of moderate to heavy practice. I only use hunting sights, no fancy scopes and such. I've gotten very comfortable and confident in the tree, and I've filled all my whitetail tags with a bow two years in a row now. As you approach your goal of 3" groups at 45 yards with a hunting sight, please post your experience. You may help my reach my goals too. Have fun, I do.
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    Hello dugong, I guest you are from the same region as me by looking at your hairy dugong username :D . well it's good to know that you're heading back to hunting activity.

    I'm not trying to be smart here, but I have some full fita round medal (state competition) under my belt:biggrin1: . I've learn one to another technique to get perfection shoot. I start from using strap release, then thumb release and now pure back tension release (and happy with it) so, I stick with back tension release whether in target field and on my treestand.. i'm using the same old truball hinge 3 finger release :D .

    But, not all people has same feeling and ability. the closest best next to back tension I can advise is, when you aiming, put a little pressure to your finger which will activate your release, once your pin is on target, pull it hard+fast or I can say jerk/jolt your release arm backward. that way, you dont have to punch your trigger and from my experience, it's better than punch the trigger. First time try, you'll get worried if this technique will cut your string or loop, but dont worry, that's not going to happen. you'll supprise to see how it's work :)

    as for poundage, currently I'm shooting 70# mathews SBXT, but since that the only one bow left with me, I reduce the poundage to 60# because most of my practice session is for fita round.. since then, although i'm able to pull 70# without problem, i'm prefer to shoot 60# as I dont need to adjust my limb bolt anymore..
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    about grip, dead grip is not adviseable as it give a lot of torque which affect accuracy. the best is, simply place your grip properly and push it toward. This will eliminate torque as once you release, the bow only jump forward (for unparallel limbs) or stay dead in your hand (for parallel limb).
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    I was living in your neck of the woods... or jungle :D for a number of years, but have since moved back to the US... I do miss a lot of things from out there...

    Thanks for the advice, salamat pemburuan :cool:
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    I shoot enough arrows leading up to bow season that I dont think when I shoot at a deer. Its like rideing a bike. You dont keep telling yourself pedal pedal pedal. I dont remeber the shot ever. Burn the perfect shot into your pratice routine so when the time comes the predater takes over. The only thing Ive found that works is hundreds upon hundreds of arrows:noidea:
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    you can check where I live and hunt with google earth :). who know that's same place you live before. enjoy your shooting and get someone to shoot along with you... it's better than shooting alone :D