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    I'll be exhibiting in Indianapolis in January at the ATA Show and I need to track down an ATV for use in my booth. Because I'll be flying in from Alberta, it is cost-prohibitive to bring my own. Willing to trade cash and/or merchandise to anyone willing to deliver a Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki or Arctic Cat (in good condition) to the event and pick it up at the end. Pics and site to give you a better idea...

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    What would do is talk to a local dealer and ask them to lend you a quad and let them advertise by having a sign that says something like:

    atv provided by (dealer name) and put the dealers name and phone number and let people take the dealers business cards. That would be a win for both of you and let the dealer showcase what they can do with setting up a quad for a real outdoorsman.
    And, if you work the dealer the right way you may be able to get them to carry your product.

    Small business these days need to have business to business relationships to survive. Asking for a potential one time customer to lend a quad is not going to help much or at all in increasing sales.

    And, by the way, your product looks pretty darn good...

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