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    1. Mathews Q2XL, silver riser (one of a kind) with 2 sets of limbs, 60# black, 70# camo, 3 cams 26", 27" & 28" and a set of Stone Mountain strings and cables. Bow is in immaculate shape 700 dollars or best offer

    2. Revolution Super Swift 36" ATA 60# 27" draw length. Grey riser, black limbs, bow is very fast, and has been pampered all it's life. 250 or best offer

    3. Martin Cougar 2000 41" ATA 7.5" BH 55-70# any draw length you want. Great finger bow, Z cams with factory module pack. 200. firm. This bow has hardly been used...bought as back up and never shot it.

    I have pics of all these bows, and will e-mail them if you want to see them. My home e-mail is [email protected]