Bowtech Mightymite VFT

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    Selling a Bowtech Mightymite VFT purchased 9-24-04 paid $599 for it then and it still is blazing arrows. Just clocked it Thursday at 296 with gold tip 5755 that was on the indoor screen through a chronotherm. .Just want to sell the flat bow nothing on it. With everything on it I paid 896.76 still have reciept for it all. Would like to sell just the bow for $400 I want to upgrade . I do have different sights and a rest here that I can install on the bow if interested Anyone interested e-mail me and I can send pics. This bow is set at 70 couple pounds has the original limbs that are covered by lifetime waranty. Think the draw is at at 28 or 29 I would have to check .
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