Bowtech over Hoyt and Mathews???

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  1. In three more days I will pick up my new Bowtech Guardian. Had a few Hoyts, but I noticed that things kept vibrating loose on all my Holts that I owned. The Mathews bows did much better overall than any of the Hoyts, but I find myself liking split limb bows over solid limb bows. What can I expect from my Bowtech Guardian in the long run (reliability and accuracy). What are some common issues that plague Bowtech bows (if any)?:noidea:

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  2. Not being able to get your hands on a new model BowTech soon enough is the worst thing that plagues new bow buyers. Next would be the robinhoods.

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    :laugh: this one is going to be good......
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    The Guard is sweet. It is by far the quietest bow I have ever heard, and is extremely well balanced. I'm new to Bowtechs, but so far so good. I would say that I feel that my Switchback was a more forgiving shooter, but the Guard is still very accurate. It's a bit stiffer in the draw compared to the Switch- from my perspective. I just got another Switchback (had to sell my other one last fall) and haven't shot it yet. I can't wait to shoot them side-by-side. Will post some results.