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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by scottg, Jun 5, 2007.

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    Both of my sons are getting into bow hunting this year. They each ordered a Bowtech Tomkat for their first bow, after talking to some friends that shoot competition and the pro shop owner (who sells Bowtech, Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, Browning and Darton). At 14 and 16 money was a big factor in their choice. I know that bows are getting like Ford and Chevy. Brand loyalty only goes so far. My question is, are the Tomkats good bows? (Take off the stickers, lables and names). I am sure that they will upgrade in the future, but for a first bow the price is hard to beat, add arrows and a release and your shooting.

  2. Chris

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    These are great bows. Most people are surprised when they shoot these how nice they really are. They are plenty fast and have very little hand shock. Add that to the high brace height of the bow and you have a great bow. People call this a beginners bow but I call it a mid-line bow. It's too nice to be called a beginners bow.

    I think they will be very happy with their choice.

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    I shot one before buying my new bow and I thought the Tomcat was a great bow for the price. Your sons will be very happy with their new bows. CONGRATS and HAVE FUN.:peace:
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    the "Tomkat" has been Bowtechs "Entry level hunting bow" for years and has changed probably 5 different times. It is now basically last years tech on a short A2A and a great bow for anything you want it for.

    You're guys will have no problem using this bow for a very very long time. My sisters boyfriend has been using a tomkat for 3+ years now and loves his and they have gotten better since then!

    Good choice!

    If they are looking for other bows in / around that price range don't write off the new Fred Bear bows, the Martin Bengal, or the Mission line from Mathews. All are great bows as well
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    Thanks for the input. I did not push them in any way toward one bow or another. I figured that since neither one had shot a bow before, they would have nothing to compare to. The Tomkat should make a fine first bow. The deer that they are going to hunt won't care what brand it is. I am just very thankfull that both of my sons would rather be in the woods putting up stands and clearing shooting lanes than be in front of a video game or on the street.

    With any luck, I will have some deer pics to post this year. Again thanks.