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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by irishwater, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. irishwater

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    What is everyones opinion on the tomkat? any one own one?
  2. hoyt_hunter007

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    i think the tomkat is a very nice bow, and its less expensive than their other bows. I have not personally shot one, but i know a couple guys that love them.

    I would just suggest you go shoot it, and if it shoots good for you, everyone else's opinion doesnt really matter.

    Surely someone else on here has more info than i do...

  3. ciscokid

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    Great shooting bow. It is perfect for stalking. I also bought the defender in 05. It is just an added bonus to have a short ata bow that shoots great.
  4. Huya

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    The Tomkat is one of BowTechs biggest selling bows. They are a little easier on the wallet in price and you can get a complete setup ready to shoot for about the price of a bare high end bow. It is a very smooth shooting with very very little hand shock which can be completly taken away with something like an sts or a rattler. In the right hands this bow can be very accurate. It is compact and I know a lot of hunters that use them for that reason. And they seem very happy with them. The draw is smoother and easier than some of the bigger bows also. You can't go wrong with this bow if your budget is a little low. And some of the guys I shoot with have the big bucks but bought it because they liked it, and they could buy anything they want. Hope this helps a little.
  5. lungcutter

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    This is a great bow. Alot of people have them and love em. Shoot it before you make any decissions. make sure whatever you buy you can shoot it well.
  6. Dredly

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    if you are getting on used make sure you check the year. The Bowtech TomKat has sort of changed every year since it was launched back in like 02. No 2 years have ever been the same as far as I know and in the begining the TomKat wasn't the best bow as they put their technology money into the Mighty Mite which is another very short A2A Bowtech.

    The Mighty Mite and TomKat have now been merged into one really good bow (but pricey). Also the short A2A is nice but it is harder to shoot IMHO, especially if you are shooting a long draw length.
  7. scottg

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    Both of my sons have Tomkats and love them. The bow is quiet and fast. I had to put a Mean V CSS on my Tribute to get the quietness of the Tomkat. They come with a WB, sights ( which are not great but they are good ) and a quiver that holds 8 arrows.

    Shooting side by side with my boys, you can't tell any speed difference between my Tribute and the Tomkats. I am sure that a chrono could see it, but the human eye can't.

    Go and find a bow that fits your budget and fits your hand and go with that. I have never shot an animal with a bow that cared what name was on it.

    P.S. My oldest son shoots a 30" DL at 65#. 1 pin for 20 and 30 yds. That is pretty flat shooting. Arrow wt. of 395 grns. The bow just shoots about 1 1/2" low at 30 yds.
  8. MeanV2

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    The TomKat is one of the best values out there in a Great performing Bow:cool: