Brace Height Question, may be stupid questions so all help is appreciated

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    I have heard brace height greatly affects accuracy and speed. I know that string length affects the brace height but I think you can twist the string too. I shoot a recurve so I unstring the bow often, so do I just need to remember how many twists were in it? And when adding twists do I just say put the bottom loop in place and twist the string a few times then string it? Also my bow is older and I don't think there is a way to find the recommended brace height so how do I find the best brace height, just through trial and error looking for the quietest and smoothest shot?

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    To keep a consistent number of twists in the string, what I do when unstringing recurves is to leave the bottom loop on the limb tip, and just slide the top loop down the limb and leave it on the bow. The string cannot rotate if done this way. The optimum brace height on a recurve should be acheived by installing the proper length string, which is marked on the lower limb. (some are on the side of the riser) Some people short string them if they need more brace height to clear hunting clothes, but with most bows this is not needed, and taking off more than an inch of string length could cause limb problems. You are not going to gain much in the way of speed or KE by playing with the twists of a proper length string, it is just a way of fine tuning the poundage a bit at full draw, and not much at that. I would suggest just stringing the bow with the correct string length and shoot the heck out of it until you can't miss!:thumb:

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    I've been thinking about getting a recurve and i'll remeber this...good post.