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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by STRO, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. STRO

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    Alrighty, the bow season is starting to wind down and I was wondering what kind of broadheads are in your quiver and if you were happy with them this year? Last year I shot the montecs and was very happy with them but decided to try out the new rage and the spitfire xps this year. I haven't tried out the spitfires yet because i am so happy with the three blade rages. Unbelievable holes and lots of blood to follow. There are many great broadheads out there, what is your favorite and why?

    Good Luck Hunting? :rockon:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    muzzy 4 blade 100's.....cuz they fly like missles.....

  3. BowhuntnHoosier

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    Muzzy 3-Blade cuz they fly great and destroy upon impact:rockon:
  4. bullspotter

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    B-52s for me, i likem lots, they shoot great, can sharpen them right up, their tough, no blades to fall out..... killed 1 elk and 4 deer with them, will be using them for years to come!! The 2nd doe i got this year was with the same head that KOd my elk last year, its my lucky one now!!
  5. massbow

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    I will throw out the much debated topic, I too shoot mechanicals 100gr rocket sidewinders and have had great luck with them. I will add that i have only used them on whitetails, but 1.5 inch hole going in and 1.5 inch coming out. Awesome blood trails......If it works why change i guess
  6. Ronhop

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    NAP Spitfires. They kill and they're practice 'blades' are great.

  7. CSS Shooter

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    I use the Rocket Sidewinder and have for several years. They (Deer) don't go very far w/ 1 1/2 in hole in and out. Pass thru is not a problem either. I have shot complete through deer front to back w/ them. Shoot my Buck this year @ 17 yards w/ 57#'s and 27in draw and put in the ground at least 3ins on the other side. But I use to use Thunderhead 100 grain.
  8. I'm on my third season with G5 Montecs 100g and am absolutely sold on them. They're tough as nails, easy to sharpen and keep sharp and I have yet to shoot something that didn't fly through like butter. I've killed 9 deer, a ram and a goat with them now.

    That said, I use mechs on turkeys for a number of reasons - mostly because I DON'T want a pass through on turkeys. This season I used an NAP Gobble Stopper in the spring with deadly results and a G5 Tekan in the fall - also with deadly results. I can go either way.

    Small game I've used the Judo point for years with mixed results. This past year I kept the G5 SGH in the quiver and bagged a few squirrels - they all died quickly. I no longer take body shots on squirrels - head or nothing; that may be the difference right there. Never used a blunt, but know some bow hunters that use blunts on head shots and they're perfectly happy.

    I'd really like to try that Rage head because I've heard nothing but positive reviews. When that many bow hunters give it the thumbs up and no one says anything negative, must be something going on there. This spring just may find them in my quiver stalking turkeys.
  9. Dredly

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    What he said!
  10. MichiganHunter

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    i like my thunderheads 125 or 100 they both fly great for me. nice & straight right where i want it.
  11. Josh

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    I shoot the Slick Trick 85 grain broadheads. They're light, have a big cutting diameter for they're size, and fly just like my field points. I recently killed a deer with them and the blood trail was excellent.
  12. Secret spot

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    I have been using Slicktricks for the past few years and have had great results, they fly just like a target head. I shot 6 animals in Africa and 3 whitetails this year using Slicktricks. Any sharp head will work it is arrow placement that is important. I ran a very expensive trial this spring using many top heads the Slicktrick was the top flyer