browning micro midas 3

Discussion in 'Left Handed Archery Classifieds' started by wraith, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. wraith

    wraith Junior Member

    i am looking for a left handed browning micro midas 3 for a friend of mines wife. preferably the 40# model. if anyone has anything will they please let me know?
  2. buckkiller93

    buckkiller93 New Member

    i got a left hand micro midas 3 for sale

    i got a left handed micro midas three made by browning
    i think i bought it in the winter of 04 or the spring of 05 not for sure
    if your still looking for one i might have the one
    its 30-40#
    ive growin out of it and have been looking for a buyer
    if interested contact me at or for more information