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    I am considering purchasing a BT release for 3D which I am just getting into this year. Do any of you have any comments on which ones are better or easier to begin shooting because right now they scare the $#%! out of me.:eek: If you have any tips on getting used to these releases please shoot them my way, I can use all the help I can get. If any of you have an old one that you would sell pretty cheap please PM me a price and description of the release. Thank you very much and good shootin fella's(or ladie's). Are there any ladies on this forum? I do not want to affend any of you by just saying fella's.

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    I would recommend one with a safety just starting out. It will help keep your confidence up. I have shot the Truball Sweet Spot, Carter Solution 2.5 and the Stan Safeshot. I like the Sweet Spot the best. It fits my hand better and the it is pretty simple/fool proof. Try as many as you can before you buy one. One fit s good for one person, might be uncomfortable as heck for the next. I think the biggest thing for a handle release is to get one that is comfortable.

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    Back tension

    I think the route to go is without safety but that is just my opinion.
    If you practice with a rope instead of your bow and get used to it you shouldn't have any problems. I have been using one for about a year and no punches yet. I think the safety is just another step to go through that you have to think about. But everybody has there own opinion just try a couple and see what works for you. I have a 3 finger truball ultra that you could try out if you just wanted to pay shipping or I would let go of it for 35.00, it is black and like new I just like a four finger better.
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    I agree with wonderman

    But I would suggest the rope you get start with is 6 ft long 1/8diam.nylon cord make a loop out to your draw lgh.out of it ,place one end of the loop between your thumb&index finger of bow hand hook the release to the other end draw anchor like aways do then push about 1lb to the target and pull about the same then pull a little harder till the fires using the loop will keep you from hitting your self.Just go slow till you have it can use any release with bt and there many out there that very good.///////kingfisharchery:amen:
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    You have been given some great advice already. I'll just add, I would agree a back tension with a safety will keep you from too nervous about it misfiring. This will allow you to concentrate more on your forum and proper exectution.

    Practice blank baling for 2 weeks before attempting to shoot the back tension on a real target where you have to aim. If you are not familiar with blank baling, just reply back.
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    i use the bt ultra 3 gold. no safty but has a clicker, i really like it.