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  1. Hi fellas, would like your opinion on something I've been wondering about. I've been an archer for over 25 years and have come to think that I'm a pretty good shot (Hunting bow... can pie plate all day out to 70yds.) (Target bow... score steady 300 rnds w/35-45x's) Not fantastic, but pretty good. Anyway when I first started, checking the bubble was a big part of my "checklist" when shooting, but over the years I find myself checking less and less. Now to the point that I don't ever look at it when I'm shooting my hunting set-up. and only look at it when I warm-up for spots. Kinda makes me think that the level is more of form training tool, than an actual "aiming tool. what do you guys think?
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    I guess it depends on what I'm doing. Standing on flat ground in the back yard I just peek at it occasionally, but I do catch myself canting every now and then. shooting 3D at unknown distances in the woods on uneven ground I check it every shot. I dont worry about it on shots at game. they're usually 20 yds or closer.

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    I hardly pay any attention to it at all. Having the Hind helps point up errors. (At least before the shot!) :doh:
  4. How about 3rd axis? since most hunting sights dont have this adjustment (for bubble), does this mean that most sight manufacturers don't consider it a major factor for up/down hill accuracy?
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    I took mine out of my hunting sight because I think it is too much to think about during a highly stressfull situation. If you start off using it in practice and get a "feel" for how you are holding your bow, I don't think your going to need it. Right now, I haven't got my target bow set up, but when I do, I will be using the level :noidea:
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    You say you've been shooting a bow how long?
    Well me too... maybe more than that?
    You should be able to answer your question by now!!!!:noidea:

    To me the level is a training tool ..on indoor i use to use it all the time..when i first started shooting indoor's some 25years ago
    3D same when i first started shooting about the first 3 years
    hunting..never.needed it.
    so i would say to training tool..anyone thats been shooting past about 5 years probably never looks at it ..except when they are workin on there form.
    and are haveing issues with there form..ex. canting .
    My 2 cents:biggrin1:
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    Well it's obvious that any post concerning level's on bow sites brings out the best in everybody....:doh: :doh: :doh:
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    yeah, it's like the third axis of evil or something.......:biggrin1: :biggrin1:

    sorry, I couldnt help myself.......:p :p
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    Im new to archery and what I say may not merit much but I could never figure out what the level was for. I shoot a fred bear 65# 29" dl and stack arrows at 30 and 40 yards all day long and pie plate at 50 yards with ease.
    I now have a elite GTO 70# with no level and doing fine.
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    I bet the majority of hunters are only shooting 25-30 yards at an animal. 2nd or 3d axis won't make a whole lot of difference that close. Unless of course your really leaning it over sideways. (kanting)
  11. Shoulda seen this coming.

    Well, My question was more for opinions than sarcasm. I shoot every week with some guys with less experience and constantly get asked if I still use my level, I usually respond by saying not anymore, because "canting" isn't a problem I have anymore. just wanted to know if that was just me and not mislead the younger guys about the importance of checking it at this stage of their skill level, that's all.

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    Well...........looky there I do have a level on my sight.:bowl: :laugh:
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    I'd never have a sight without a level on it. Whenever I am shooting and find that my shot isn't just right, the first thing I check is my level on the next shot. If my grip changes, then my level changes. I'd rather have that extra assurance that my bow is right.
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    I use it every shot. Indoor, 3-D, hunting, whatever. It's there for a reason. It does help and it does make a difference. I catch myself canting now and then and checking the level corrects this.

    And, yes, 3rd axis is important especially if you hunt out west with severe uphill and downhill shots. If your 3rd axis is off it can and probably will throw shots left or right.

    The reason manufacturers don't offer it on all sights is more of a cost issue. It's costs more to build a sight will the micro adjustments in them and not everyone is willing to spend that much.
    Also, as evidenced in this thread, not everyone puts the same value on levels and axis adjustments.

    I won't buy a sight without 3rd axis adjustability.