Buck Saber: whos knows this bow?

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by williamptrck, Aug 4, 2007.

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    I bought a Buck Saber from a pawn shop a couple of weeks ago. I tried to look it up on the net to find out specifics about the bow and the value. All I can find out is that Buck no longer makes this bow due to patent infringement. It has a 60 pound draw, and a 32" draw length. What else can someone tell me? What would be a reasonably priced hunting arrow for this bow? (I have been using a Carbon Express ThunderStorm, but I think this is wrong according to the companies chart) I like the bow, and I think it will serve me well, but I would like to know more.
    P. S. I paid $125 for it and a very nice case. How did I do?
    Thanks for the help,
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    If there are the carbon ex thunderstorm "30-50", yea that is probibly tolight of an arrow. And at 125 for nice case and bow:thumb:

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    :welcome: to the forum. I do not know anything about the bow in question but here is a website that may help out. Good luck getting your answers, maybe someone here can help ya out soon. Keep on postin and enjoy the new bow.:peace:

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    Yes, they are the 30-50. I knew these were not right because they are kicking sideways off the rest. :peace:
    I thought the price was good because I have been stuck trying to find a good bow with the 32" draw I need. :D
    Thanks for the site. They did not have the bow. The only reference I could find was a court ruling against Buck Bows.:peace:
    Thanks for the help guys
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    buck bows were made by champion, they are the ones that the lawsuit went after. buck knives just commisioned them to build it with their name.

    from what little i know about champion, they made a good, quality bow for the price. the buck bows are what would be considered entry level, but that doesnt mean they wont do the intended purpose.

    as long as you give the bow proper care and feeding, and get it outfitted correctly, you will do plenty fine. only so much the stick and string can do and then it becomes all indian.
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    I know 32" draw is hard to find. and most manufacturers dont offer a bow w/ that long of a draw. When your ready for a new bow !! Check out The Browning line up. There trance cam has a feature that you can upgrade the inner cam module which will give 29"-32" draw. Available on only the bows that carry the trance cam.. And the module is only $20.00. Good luck and happy shooting.
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    buck saber bow

    i have the buck saber 29' draw - 70# - 96 string - 40 1/2 cable and i've been using the carbon express terminator hunter 4560 aroorows with 100 grain field poins and 100 grain muzzy broad heads keeping a constant five for five shots in a 3 to 5 inch grouping at 25 yardsfrom flat groungd using a savage pendulum sight i bought the bow for $50.00 from my brother in law and keeping that grouping within a half hour he could'nt use it because its a lefty. i have seen the same bow going for as much as $350.00 online. but as far as arrows go it's what works best for you and hang what the charts say. Now i am not a pro by any means but i love to hunt and i know what gets the job done for me in my tree stand or on the ground.