Bucksmills, Maine - 3D Event

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    Congrats to my Dad and Brother
    Male Hunter Class

    Male Hunter Class
    1st 300
    2nd 290
    3rd 290
    4th 287
    - Dad
    - Dropped one 5s
    - shooting AR34

    5th 284
    - Brother
    - dropped no 5s
    - shooting PSE Diablo

    I shot 241
    I shot worse than I hoped.
    My form has collapsed since turkey season.
    It rained for almost 3 weeks straight and the sunny days I have been helping my friend get into the sport.
    So, along with not being able to range a lick (only 3rd time on a 3D course) I lost 10 points over the last time shoot 3 weeks or so ago.
    Was lots of fun though and seeing Dad and Bro get so close to top 3 finish was exciting.