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    At BuzzKill silencers we are constantly working in close contact with the archery community to provide the most functional and beautiful damping products produced by anyone,anywhere.
    By using our proprietary blend of elastomers as our foundation, We keep our eye on what matters most, IMMEDIATE REDUCTION AND DISSIPATION OF UNWANTED NOISE,SHOCK,VIBRATION. ............. Then, it's gotta look good doing it!
    Combine these with our Vibra Damp Surfacing technology and the undeniable fact that with sculpted shapes, the surface area of your Damper/Silencer is greatly increased, providing you even more silencing ability, and What all this adds up to is exactly what we were after here at Buzz Kill Silencers.....the most functional and beautiful damping products produced by anyone, anywhere.
    To further allow archers to customize their dampers/silencers we have discovered we can offer different levels of damping ability based on the design of the attachment (center block) portion of the damper. I.E. if you have a bow that is already quiet, you can choose a more stream line ( CB1) design for your finishing touches. Or, if you have a louder bow or crossbow you can choose a more elevated design like the (CB2 or CB3) and get the results you demand,while maintaining that look thats all your own.
    Which brings us to the unprescedented Limited Edition feature exclusive to BuzzKill Silencers.
    All of our limb damper/silencer designs will be made in limited runs and will all be individually numbered with a certificate of authenticity. So the value of your Original BuzzKill Silencers equipment will increase not only in value, but in collectability as well.
    Also at BuzzKill Silencers, We plan to create a production line of dampers as well,they will not be numbered as we will let the robots make those.
    So weather you are looking for full custom and dressing your bow in its finest sunday suit,or just looking for that little crowning jewel to make the statement you want to make, BuzzKill Silencers is where its at, and you found it!
    Check out our pro com. series as well to fit your air shox .
    custom sculpted weights
    Teak stabilizers
    Two new products that are gonna blow the roof off of the archery industry!!!!!! if you think the products you have seen from Buzz Kill Silencers are truely unique and innovative?, wait till you see what we have up our sleeve, We are only waiting on some patent pending paperwork and we will be unleashing those two exciting new products as well. Stay informed, you dont want to miss these, they will be changing the way people see archery all over the world! Jolly Roger rubber render1.jpg Jolly Roger 2.jpg Jolly Roger 3.jpg untitled.85.jpg untitled.86.jpg untitled.87.jpg untitled.88.jpg