Calling out the Chewies :-)

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by pragmatic_lee, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. I know there's got to be some NC, SC, VA, TN, MD, WV folks here. It's time your pack your bow in its case and come on out and find out what Field archery is all about.

    A liberal dose of bug spray before and half way will keep the chiggers and ticks away. (You're own your own when it comes to the snakes ).

    So if you "ain't" skeeered of a few little bugs, 95+ degrees, and an old man that's only been shooting for 6 months, come on out to DCWC and "get you some".

    Durham Co. Wildlife Club in Morrisville, NC is hosting a NFAA 14 Field / 14 Hunter Target Field Archery shoot Saturday, August 16.
    Come on out and shoot with us. Have some fun!
    10 am start time - You can start earlier if you can get a group of three together to go around the course.
    $10 registration fee
    All are welcome
    For more information go to
    or PM me.