Can You Shoot Too Much??

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by poorman, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. poorman

    poorman And thats no lie !

    Sometimes I think the more I shoot the worse I get. I had to hang up the bow two days ago and walk away. I was shooting lousy and yanking the trigger missed the whole damned target. I went out yesterday and shot 20 arrows and did just fine. But that was all I shot. I think I am trying to hard to shoot good. Am I the only one?
  2. Dens228

    Dens228 Senior Member

    I usually let my first few arrows determine what I'm going to shoot for the day.
    I know I'm a decent shot so if my accuracy goes in the crapper I usually stop before I start over-thinking things and screw myself up even more.

  3. SinGin

    SinGin Guest

    I have the same problem. The more tired I get the more my bow shoots to the right. I think he knows I'm getting tired and it's just his way of letting me know.:crazy:
  4. IChim2

    IChim2 IChim2 and he's a shooter

    I don't know about shooting to much but i believe when you start to tire you need to walk away for a bit.Any more i only shoot one arrow at a time and i walk down and get it and go back and shoot another.I can shoot longer and better doing it this way.And since i know i will only get one shoot from my stand when hunting i'm only interested in that one shot.GL
  5. Sniper

    Sniper Senior Member

    If I shoot to many, I get wild. I punch, jerk, and generally screw up.
    My muscle groups get tired, and I'm still standing there flinging arrows. Just got to hang it up for 2-3 days.
    Too long on the practice range before a 3d wastes me too. A couple shots to warm up the string and check to see nothing moved, and then to the course. If I shoot for a hour trying to get things right, I might as well go home instead of out to the 3d course.
    I'm shooting 65% and close to 70 lbs. That wears you out fast
  6. poorman

    poorman And thats no lie !

    I was horrible two days ago. I walked in the house and told my wife that I had officially become a bad shot. Then walked upstairs and hung up the bow. I got the bow back out yesterday morning and was headed outside when she asked me what I was doing. I said I have to prove to myself that I am better than the way I shot yesterday. I shot about twenty good arrows and stopped. I had proven to myself that I was better than I had shot the day before and I was happy. Everything that is on my bow with the exception of the sight is new this year(even the bow). So I have been shooting a lot this summer trying to get everything tweaked in. I think I have shot so much that its more like work than fun. I need to go to a 3D shoot or something and have some fun!!
  7. Gator eye

    Gator eye Guest

    I Have my good days and a few bad mixed in here and there. On good days I try to shoot longer, bad days I still shoot and try to work through it but usaully cut practise time short,I do try to end bad days on a positive note with a few good arrows.
  8. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?

    Gearing up!

    I just had the time of my life shooting with a great bunch of guys!
    Even though i wasnt on,my set-up wasnt in & trying to shoot a target bow with to long a DL.
    Just plain not ready,with the exception of being trained ready to shoot 50 targets for 2 days in a row without tiring.
    What i do, and ive read it so many times,its not how many shots you take it's how to take quality shots.
    for bowhunting i shoot every day 10 arrows and stop.
    Now im shooting 20 to 40 arrows every day.
    For the rienhart I did something different
    I shoot beside my house with 2 3D targets beside it.
    To make it like shooting a 3d,I shoot 4 arrows at unknown distance on angles then pullem and i take a walk around the house with my bow like im walking to another target.
    I do this 10 times or 40 shoots and put it away.
    The walk helps you mentality!
    I found if you sit there and shoot over and over nonstop you just get worse,change it up!
    I also put away the compound after 40 go in the house get a drink of water and go back out and and pick up my recurve and shoot 40 with it the same way,i had fun and shot 80 arrows and didnt realize it.
    Find a way to make it fun and dont try so hard!:biggrin1:
  9. sweet old bill

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    a great question and you sure can shjoot to much. I do think you are better off to work on differt areas of your shot to increase your overal performance. I have had the ugle TP from shooting several 300 indoor rounds a day. I had to go to a blank bale target and just draw and then let down to get over the TP... I still get it at times. I also feel that if you shoot when you are over tired you can pick up bad habits. I like having 3 targets right next to the house and the ability to shoot out to 50 yards. I can shoot 20 arrows and go on to a new project. I like to take small pieces of the shot, like making sure I do get that total follow thru, and or just making sure I squeeze that release. Now does these action make me a better archer I sure hope so, even at my current age of 65+, I want to be the best I can be, will I ever be a top shooter like some on this site, maybe not, but I still have fun at our sport.
  10. Hkdfrlife

    Hkdfrlife Guest

    Trying too hard

    I shot at the national level 30 yrs ago and then quit due to TP. Just started shooting again 2 yrs ago and it's frustrating not to be able to get my game back to where it was. When I was younger, I was a drive by release puncher and made it work due to good eyes and reflexes. Won't work now that I'm in my mid 50's. Been trying to learn to shoot with back tension off and on for a while and was shooting 80+ arrows a day. Just in the last couple weeks things have started to come back around. I finally resigned myself to being a mediocre shot and let up on myself. shooting 20 arrows a day and working on getting off a strong shot regardless where it lands. I'm sure I'll never get back to where I was, but I still want to be competitive when I shoot. Sometimes less is more
  11. BowTechArch

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    Come Sept. 1st......I step outside, nock one arrow....pick a spot...and shoot.

    Come back inside....

    Sound familiar?
  12. MeanV2

    MeanV2 Senior Member

    I have always practiced with the idea that I would rather make 20 good shoots than go out and fling a 100 arrows. I use a lot of mental practice also. In other words mentally go through every phase of the shot. Not a substitute for the real thing but it does have it's advantages. I wouldn't recommend it driving down the Dan Ryan Expressway though:cool:

  13. poorman

    poorman And thats no lie !

    I think a lot of it has to do with shooting at those damned circles:biggrin1: If I miss by an inch I get frustrated. I need to shoot at something different like a DEER!!!!!!!!!! I mean its not like I am missing by a mile every shot. I think I am just trying to be someone I'm not. I should resolve myself to the fact that I am a decent shot and be happy.
  14. BowhuntnHoosier

    BowhuntnHoosier Bisquit.......

    Excellent post. I am starting to hate spots and X's. I need to put the ole 3D target back out. And get ready for some tree rat huntin. Aug 15 is the day I declare WAR on those slimey little tards. Something different to take your mind off the spots will definately help. I've found that when I get to punchin and drive by shootin I break out the recurve and just fling about 30 or so arrows. It helps me kinda reboot the ole hard drive.:peace:
  15. thehairlessone!

    thehairlessone! Senior Member

    I think you can shoot too much. When I get tired my shots get sloppy and that isnt any good at all.

    Alot of days I will just go out in the backyard and shoot 15-20 good shots. About once a week I go to the range and shoot 30-40 yds,etc.

    I have been shooting great lately and I think the way I have been practicing has alot to do with it.

    I have also been shooting groups of 3 arrows and then take a break for a couple minutes and then 3 more

  16. P&Y Seeker

    P&Y Seeker Guest

    fatique showed

    Yesterday I went to the 3-D course and shot terrible. I know it was because I was tired. I have two big welts on my forearm to show for it. It was very frustrating. Just have to rest and try again tomorrow. I does play mental games with you though, and that is the toughest part to get through it seems.
  17. Ronhop

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  18. poorman

    poorman And thats no lie !

    Well I put out the 3-D bear, deer and hog out today. Shot about twenty five arrows and did much better. Every arrow was a kill shot and all but 1 were 10's the other was an 8 (and that one was from 60 yards) as far as scoring goes. It was those damned circles that were getting me. I just needed to shoot something different. I moved around and shot from different angles and even shot a few at about 7 or 8 yards. It felt good!
  19. poorman

    poorman And thats no lie !

  20. SandSquid

    SandSquid Uncle Sam's Canoe Club

    A couple of months ago I had unpacked my bow fired off 5 arrows, packed it back up retrieved the arrows and was headed out the door when the owner of the shop stopped me and asked "What's wrong?"
    I told him "I'm just not feeling it, tonight".
    His response was "At least you can recognize it and pack it up and shake it off... many folks can't and get into a vicious tailspin and it can take them weeks, or months to climb back out of it."