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    What Are The Best Carbon Arrows On The Market For Adults And Kids.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    all of the major arrow manufacturers make great arrows for both kids and adults, I myself like the Carbon Express brand, but have shot Goldtips and Eastons and they also make a very good arrow. Right know i can just get a better deal on the Carbon Express.:rockon:

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    All of the major brands have arrows that are specialized for hunting, indoor target, outdoor target, 3D, etc.

    Most hunting arrows can be used successfully for all of the activities, it's just that they may not be the ideal selection for some target shooting.

    Arrow selection is a big topic. There are a lot of great arrows available and selecting the best one for you will depend on a lot of factors.

    One of the keys to selection of arrows is matching the arrow to your bow. To do this, you probably should go to an archery pro shop to get arrows that are spined correctly. Spine is a measurement of the stiffness of the arrow. Download the Easton Arrow Chart & Tuning Guide for a good description of this. However, spine is not the only factor in arrow selection and a good archery shop will be able to ask you enough questions to suggest an arrow for you.

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