carter release aid questions

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  1. just purchased a carter target 4 release and am having trouble getting the hang of it, just wandering if any of you have any tips for this type of release
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    Try this, If you can adjust the spring tension set it heavy. I use 2 60lb springs in my Carter Chocolate Addictions. You want the trigger set heavy enough so if you try to punch or flinch it will not go off. You also need to adjust the release to remove excessive trigger movement before release.

    To shoot the release use back tension. Anchor and wrap your thumb around the trigger in order to hold the trigger in place, you may have to adjust the trigger to fit your hand, and preload the trigger. We are not going to squeeze the trigger at all, instead, continue to pull with your back and let your fingers relax. The extra tension and relaxed fingers will allow the release to move forward slightly, setting off the release and giving the surprise, sub-conscious , release.

    The main thing is not to think about the release, you should have 100% concentration on the X. Not just the X, but the exact center of the X. Once you start into your aiming process you can not let up till you hear the arrow hit the target. Remember you can't hit any better than you can aim.....