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    when going from one season to another do you change how you hunt?

    like for instance when bowhunting, I dont stalk very much except when going to and from my stand....I tend to sit in my stand alot longer and I try to get higher....w/the rifle/shotgun I tend to stalk more and sit less....also if I do get in a stand its usaully I tend to want to get up and still hunt more.....I also dont take my climber, rifle hunting very often....also I dont get so crazy w/scent elimination......
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    I live in AZ and archery hunt only I spot and stalk due to desert. If I sit on a water hole it is from a ground blind. When I lived in KS spot and stalked used ground blinds and tree stands. I do enjoy spot and stalk hunting more. I can only sit still for breif times not hrs. on end.Sure I would be more succesful if I used a firearm:doh: . But I love the challenge of bow hunting.

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    Thats what its all about.

    I do enjoy stalking on somedays I like a little wind when stalking. Spotted a forkhorn today pushing a doe at about MACH 5 across a field. I love to watch these whitetails run.:rockon:
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    I do change my hunting ways, from season to season, just do to the fact that with my bow, my max range is around 70 yards, with my 300 ultra mag, ill reach out 400 yards no prob, so no need to walk all the way in to sit in my stand... i just hide in the irragation ditch bout 50 yards off the main road, and an just for referance, a 180 barns xbt at 3300 fps takes the head almost clean off a whitetail doe at 310 yards.. couldnt find her eyes even, but didnt wast any meat......:rockon:
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    i think change is relative to knowledge. if you hunt the same every year, you aren't learning as much as you could. i do 90% spot and stalk. i have been bow hunting for 6 years and have killed my elk the last three. i used to be out there to get a shot, i didn't realize how much of a prize that a big game animals life was. i think i got lucky my first kill and learned alot from it. i hunt to hunt now, if i take a shot, i expect the animal to die, quick and humane. i have really keyed in on my shooting and stalking. i hunt different every year due to what i learned the previous.