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    Hey guys and girls, thanks for the warm welcome. I will get the pics up as soon as my buddy uploads them. thats why you should bring your own camera. Anyways I have a new problem, I saw this monster non- tipical this last sunday. Looks to have three main beams, one side has like 6 or 7 tines and the other looks like just four or five. just a complete monster... anyways its in a neighborhood type setting with a good strip of timber behind the house and a field where i believe they are bedding. i went there for a hour after work and sure enough he came out 10 yards behind me. saw me and didnt really spook, had a shot but didnt take it. they are a very tame herd, i was wondering if i should try the can or the buck roar. this weekend is the start of the rut. and tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day of the season so far. the thing is i need him to come back during that same hour in the same place. i really want to bag this deer.. please help. hes the only buck around and has like 6 to 7 doe. help ME!!!!
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    I would have shot him today and not worried about hunting him this weekend. :biggrin1:

    I like my MAD Buck Growl, and i have a Primos can, but havent had the luck with it like i have with the growl.

    Good luck with whatever you decide, sounds like a big 'un.

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    Find the doe's and he won't be far....Hard to figure the rut sometimes.