Check-Mate Squire complete target outfit

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  1. Reconstructive surgeries force sale of my target equipment. The good news to you is a good price on a complete outfit. Approx. $1500.00 invested, $650.00 gets you the following:

    -Check-Mate Squire, 50-60 lb. pull, blue riser, black limbs
    -Easton World Class Graphite stabilizer, w/ 2 different weights
    -2 complete K-Sight micrometer sights, one w/ ghost dot and
    bubble level, the other has a hooded pin.
    -The arrow rest is the original "drop away" model pre-production
    prototype. Works as well now as it ever did.
    -Hip quiver (inexpensive) w/ 17 2115 Easton X-7 target shafts.
    -Bow fitted w/ Flemish twist bow string, a spare broken in string
    -Battered but functional aluminum case, w/ lotsa stickers and
    battle scars, no structural damage just well traveled!!
    -Would make a dandy hunting bow, w/ pin sight and camo paint.
    Quiet to shoot w/ the flemish twist string.
  2. re;Check-mate

    This outfit and ad have been pulled without being sold.