Chili Verde con Carne de Elk

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  1. First I like to start by marinating the meat in beer or coke (soda:lol: ), depending on what flavor I want, for at least a day and then cut it up in 1/4" to 1/2" cubes. I buy some fresh green chili's from the store, you can use the chili that comes in a can but I don't feel that it comes out tasting as good. I roast the green chili and after they are all roasted I peel the skin off of them and cut them up into small pieces, you can use a knife or just use your hands to cut in pieces. When I have everything ready I choose the pots or pans I want to use, I prefer to use the black cast iron skillits. First I brown the cut up meat in a skillit with just a little bit of oil/grease. While the meat is browning I place some cooking oil or lard in another pan and heat it, about an 1/8 deep is fine then I add in some flour to thickin it up until it comes to a boil. When the meat has browned. I then place the meat and chili in the skillet with the grease and flour and stir, I add water to the mix and some of the liquid that the meat was marinating in. I add salt to suit my taste, I don't add any other spices to it, the amount of water I add to it depends on whether I want to serve it on a plate/bowl or plan on making burrito's with it. If you want it for burritos only, you can add more flour to the mix and it will thicken the sauce more. I bring it to a boil and then turn the heat down so it simmers for about an hour, making sure to to stir it and check the water about every 10 minutes to make sure its cooking like you want it. After all that, it is ready to eat. I sometimes dice up some patotos and add to it when I first put eveything together, I like it both ways.