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  1. I was just reading a thread and it got me to wondering.

    How many here have a short but happy story to share with everyone about what some one may have given you and/or said to you out of the blue that left you all choked up and speachless and possibly with tears in there eyes, even after months or years have passed? I have a few stories I will share but I will have to write them in my word pad and then paste them here since they still get to me. :peace:
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    I had a guy give me a brand new Cabelas folder with rosewood handles. he said it was just because he enjoys seeing how much time I spend with my kids.:noidea: I had no idea that I was even doing anything that was being noticed. I really appreciated the gift and the compliment. :hug:
    I never even knew that this guy noticed me.

  3. Here's one of my stories, this past X-mas we decided to put everyones name in a bowl and to draw a name. We put a spending limit of $20 so the kids could participate. My brother drew my name, well X-mas morning he hands me my gift, it was the dvd I wanted. Well the part that got to me is that later that day when all the family left he handed me another gift, I told him we were only suppose to buy one. He told me that the first one was only half the limit so he got me another, I open it and it was a new Buck Zipper knife with the gut hook, it was the one that I have been wanting for awhile but with me paying my moms meds every month and me being on a disability check I had to choose my prioreties. I handed it back to him cause it was over the limit and there was no way I could possibly buy him a gift of equal value. He handed it back to me and said that he did it because I am always there for all of the family when they need me and I don't ask for anything in return and that he also knew the reason why I can not afford to buy it myself and then he thanked me for doing what I do. Every time I think about that day I get choked up, it isn't because of what he got me it is because of what he said was the reason why he did it.
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    now you got me all choked up.....:doh: