climbing tree stands suggestions?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by quignov, May 29, 2008.

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    Hi, I'm new to hunting and want to purchase a climbing tree stand. From the looks of them it seems most are designed for the gun hunter in mind. I have a few questions for ya'll. Wouldn't I need enough space to stand comfortably at least long enough to shoot? Most seem to be more a less like a foot rest than a standing spot. I'm looking to buy a used one, preferably cheap on ebay. If anybody has any specific models they know work well for bowhunting I'd appreciate the suggestions, or any general suggestions as well.
    thanks much, quig

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    not really sure what you have been looking at , but all of Summits stands have more than enough room to stand in.......

    as do most companies......:noidea:

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    I dont use climbers so I dont have a particular model to suggest, but I would say, dont buy cheap, and if you buy a used one on ebay look it over VERY CAREFULLY. I've heard a lot of good things about Summits.
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    Bunny is correct; beyond that with todays bows there is no need to stand (although I would suggest practicing shooting from however you plan on doing it). Shot mine last season sitting in one, because I'm too lazy to stand in one for very long and I didn't want to push my luck by standing up. Another vote for Summit as well; a used one would be fine if the welds are good etc, however get a good quality comfortable stand. There's nothing worse than carrying or sitting in an uncomfortable stand. :rant: I have a bow stand for my Viper, it's kind of a handy add on as well. :thumb:
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    I agree with Bunny and cougar... The late model climbers are nice and have plenty of room.

    I personally use an Ameristep Non-Typical climber. It's only about 23 pounds (aluminum) and is solid as a rock on the tree. It has these spiked arms that wrap around the tree on the platform that grip like no tomorrow and it folds incredibly flat. I can carry 2 of those, 2 bow cases, a cooler, 2 backpacks and misc stuff in the back of a Jeep Wrangler TJ. That says a lot.

    It's personal preference though. I'm 100% confident in the climber I have because I practiced using it and use it regularly.

    One point to make though is make sure you have a GOOD harness set up (Gorilla or HSS) and practice using it and the climber before you get into a hunting situation so you know what are you are doing. Climb 4 feet, climb down, climb 4 feet, climb down...Repeat... Get comfortable using it and your restraint system BEFORE you climb 12-14-18-20 feet and then get a brain cramp...

    You will NOT regret using that advice. Plus it's fun messing around and getting familair with how everything works. Just do it close to the ground to gain confidence. If your family, friends and neighbors see you doing that they might think your nuts though, so be parepared for that too... :lol:

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    hey all, thanks much for your suggestions. After reading them I checked out some of the summit models and will probably try one of those... the open shot looks good and is cheaper as well. I like the ones without the arm rests. Thanks again, Quig
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    The Open Shot is a good stand. Actually, almost all out there are good stands. Another one to look at are the Lone Wolf's. Great stands, a little pricey though. If you look around long enough, you can find one for a reasonable price used. I like a light weight stand that packs easily and is open all around me. I currently have a Summit that is the pre-curser to the Open Shot, a Lone Wolf Alpha Climber and a older Ameri-step for climbers.

    As was stated earlier, make sure you are familiar with your stand BEFORE you go into the woods in the dark and try to use it :doh: Oh yeah, ALWAYS use your safety harness, especially in an open front stand. It only takes a second to loose consentration (or a 30 second cat nap) and fall out.

    Good Luck! :rockon: