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    how long does the club have to gr=et m.a.c.the scores. i shot a week (8 days) waiting to see if i quaified for the mac i shot a 228 for my first mac quaifer. just wondering .:noidea:
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    that makes you frank. Your in

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    Scores Posted

    Brenda here.

    We had a lot of new shooters that qualified at the last shoot. That was nice to see and welcome. We hope you enjoyed shooting the MAC.:welcome:

    The problem with the scores from the last shoot is, there was a little mix up with where the cards and check were to be sent. It is all good now. The invitations for those that Qualified this shoot are being mailed tomorrow 7/10/08. All other invitations have gone out already, so if you are on the qualified list and have not received it please let me know immediately.

    The clubs have been doing an awesome job at getting us the Un-official scores and the cards in a timely fashion this year. I have to say it is a huge improvement over past years, overall average the scores have been posted with an unofficial ruling within 3 days and the official ruling (because of snail mail) within a week.

    We apologize for the delay and look forward to everyone having a wonderful time at the championship. Be sure to check your day - it is a shot gun start everyone should be ready to take the course at 9AM both days.

    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or problems.

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    I live in Kamloops and would like to shoot with the club. I need info. Where when and how? If you know please tell me so I can get out there Thanks