Complete Hoyt Archery Package

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    Great bow. Has a 24 pound draw, looks brand new, and has been kept unstringed and safely stored for the 2 years I have had it. I did not have the time to work on archery due to my job. It was rarely used and treated like a baby. I also have a quiver with 6 platinum plus arrows, an armguard and finger guard. The quiver is woodland camoflauge and has many pouches for all kinds of things. The entire package includes: Hoyt Edge Limbs, Hoyt Gold Medalist Riser (Metallic Blue), Bowstring, Bow Stringer, Quiver with 6 Arrows, Arm Guard, Finger Guard, and a Bow Square. It is a complete package, having everything you need to start archery or improve on your current gear. If you are interested call me at 805-813-6777 $200 Or best offer.