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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by smracer31, Nov 8, 2006.

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    well im looking at getting into archery and and curious to know know about it befor ei go out and buy a bow. if you could point me to articles online that are a good place to start to learn more about archery it would be appreciated. also money is not much of a factor, keeping that in mind what would be a good bow to get started in for beginner competition and shooting for fun at the range?

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    when it comes to getting a bow it is all about how it feels in your need to try a bunch of different models, from different bow lines and then make a choice based on what feels the best in your hands.....take a look into the Ross bow line if you can find a dealer around.....I think they are makeing a good name for them selfs........high quality at a good price....most importantly go to a good pro-shop and have them get you meassured for the proper draw length....

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    Try to get to a shop were they will let you shoot the different bows, then make your decision.
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    I chose my bow going to a site called hunters friend and it tell you a bunch of stuff that would really help you choose your bow, I would highly recommend going to this site before you make a decsion on a bow that you want.

    this will tell you info about all kinds of stuff and really help you to make a decision.
  5. yea what he said:peace: there is a lot of bows out there to choose from,here are a few sites you can check out: and i dont really care for mathews though not becuase of the way they shoot(they shoot great) its becuase they come out with a new bow and after a couple of years they discontinue the model and its a pain to get parts for it if you need to. other than that there o.k. but anyway check them out it might help you to decide. good luck:decision: and if a pro shop wo'nt let you shoot there bow's go somewhere else becuase shooting or "test driveing" a bow is vital!!!