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    This year I wanted to try bow hunting so I bought a license. Having never shot a bow before, my uncle let me use his and showed me how it worked (Fred Bear). I shot probably 20 times and then the next day went hunting. I ended up shooting a 6-point from about 40-45 yds. It really got me into bow hunting and now Im hoping to buy my own bow. I have hunted plenty of times with a gun but bow hunting is a whole new excitement.

    Im looking to spend around $400 for everything (bow, sight, etc.)

    Any tips on a good bow to buy, but especially a sight under $75.

    thanks for the help
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    :welcome: to 3dshoots. I am sure you will find this a great place to visit with were are serious ,and at times get a little silly but we surely have a large time. I would suggest that you go to a local pro shop and see what they have in the used line of bows. There are a lot of good bows out there. If you are comfortable with buying a bow without shooting it try ebay, a few on come here from time to time, I have a Martin Pride with split limbs. A lighted sight and the other goodies on it. I am asking $350 for and I have harvested 9 deer in the last 2 seasons with it .It is only 2 years old .I bought new from old stock. I will give you a gurantee that it is in frist class shape only a few dings. I am gonna get me a Matthews Swithcback xt. Enjoy the site.Holy Smokes :smokin:
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    :welcome: I am happy to hear that another one is hooked! Sounds like Holy Smokes has a good setup for sale, but if it won't fit you try going to a local proshop I know that some carry packages on the lower end stuff that works just fine.

    P.S. The Bears are gonna stomp Green Bay on Sunday.......DA BEARS!!!!!!!!!!:rockon:
  4. I know you said you wanted to spend only $400.00 on a bow but here is a good bow with the works (except for arrows) for $549.00 and posable cheaper at the archery shop. and its only $449.00 with out the package Diamond's are exelent bows at a great price and they do have a liftime garentee.:rockon: you oght to check one out i think you'll like it
    have fun picking out your new bow there are a lot out there.just remeber to get one that fits you and you'll shoot alot more accuratly.good luck
    oh,getting your first bow kill,thats awsome:peace: it only gets better try 3d shoots you'll have lots of fun in the off season,and check out bowfishing you'll trash your fishing poles.good luck and have fun and be carefull:welcome:
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