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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by tmarcher, Sep 7, 2004.

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    I recently took up target archery to spend time with my son that competes in JOAD. I really enjoy shooting and would like the opportunity to shoot more. I have never even seen a 3D shoot. Is it acceptable for spectators to follow through the course? I have seen plenty of shoots posted at our club. My bow is set up for target archery and I would like to keep it that way. Considering this would mostly be for enjoyment, would I be able to shoot 3D with my current set up? Any thoughts or suggestions on how to get started would greatly be appreciated.
    PS: I saw a previous thread that questioned even setting up a forum for beginners....good idea, you never know who might stumble upon your site and want information.
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    1. most clubs do allow spectators to follow along. You may want to ask before hand though.
    2. as far as your set up goes, you should be fine. If you are just looking to shoot for the fun of it, you can shoot from whatever stake you feel comfortable from. You may want to explain this to the folks running the shoot. Your equiptment may put you in a more competitive class. There are a lot of people that may question where you are shooting from, but as long as you don't turn your score card in, they shouldn't have a problem with it. Using your target set up, you may also want to take a range finder along with you, since you maybe shooting slower than most 3D ers. No since in losing arrows if you don't need to.
    3. good luck and enjoy.

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    Warning it is Addictive and hard to put down once you are hooked :eek:
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    You said you have never seen a 3d shoot well it is relaxing(if you let it be) and great to do w/ your child and or friends You will be shooting various foam like animals with marked vitals from unmarked distances.ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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    3D shooting always reminds me of golf. You walk to your first stake, make an educated guess of the distance to the target. Everybody is quiet (hopefully) and you take your best shot. Once everyone in your party shoots, you move up to the target and score the arrows and move on to the next. I can fling carbon a lot better than a hit a golf ball, but thats not saying much :D
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    I went to three shoots this season. Many significant others traveled the feild with their spouses. The only rule is you cannot go backward on the course. You must finish along with them in forward motion. SAFETY issue. You will like it. I fell in love and the people shooting are like family!