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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Neotrobe, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Neotrobe

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    Well when I was young I went to a summer camp for fun and my parents had no problem sending me because I asked to go.

    While I was there two activities were my favorite Archery and Riflery. Now Riflery is not really an option since I live in an apartment complex and I doubt they will let me build a shooting range behind the complex. Also, a gun is a lot more dangerous to have in the house. Plus, my girlfriend hates guns.

    Now Archery is something that I loved but did more Riflery due to Archery being full most days. I was quite good at the activity and earned quite a few awards during my time there.

    Recently I purchased a slingshot and have been having a blast with it out in the woods behind my apartment complex. This brought me back to Archery since a bow is a really big and powerful slingshot.

    Currently I am trying to choose between Recurve or Compound Bow for my first target shooting bow. Also, I do have my hunting license, YAY Ohio Hunters Ed Program, so hunting could also be a possibility. I like Recurve for the simplicity and old school feel. The compound interests me since it is more usable for hunting in the state of Ohio.

    Where would be a good place to look for used equipment besides here either online or if anyone is from Ohio that knows of a few local shops. Also, what are things to look out for when choosing equipment for the first time?

    As always any additional advice is appreciated as well.
  2. tmurphy

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    what part of ohio, im in grove city (suburb of columbus) and i can find plenty of places to shoot my bow and guns, but is getting harder and harder to find good places to get equipment. we have dicks sporting goods and gander mountain but the service at the chain stores really isnt very good, vances shooters supply on the northend just outside of columbus, is a descent place for archery and guns and accessories for both. If u want to shoot your bow there is a good public achery range at deer creek state park and a public shooting range there also. here is are some links to some info for ya.

    i hope this helps :biggrin1:

  3. tmurphy

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    what i did was i looked at all the bows i could at diff shops and read what people thuoght about them on here and other sites, and shot some of the ones that sounded good to me then i ordered a last years model for alot less on ebay, and got a new bow for a good price.
  4. Neotrobe

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    I am in Hilliard and I know of all those shops but I wasn't sure if Vances' carried bows as well.

    I found a Hoyt/Easton Game Getter II that is on the very cheap and wondered if anyone has experience with them. My GF is not wanting me to put too much into initially she would like me to spend less than $100. Then if I get into it seriously actually compete then something more expensive and higher quality is worth the expense.

    I have a Gander and Dicks right around me and have been to both but I am not sure of their price/quality.
  5. tmurphy

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    some of the pawn shops have some used bows also.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    First let me say.....

    WELCOME back to archery

    $100???:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

    dude, you will be lucky to find some GOOD arrows for 100 a dozen........
  7. tmurphy

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    try this link or look at some pawn shops if your looking for a cheap bow, if u get the archery fever u will want to get something better later :D
  8. BowhuntnHoosier

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    First off :welcome: to the forum and back to ARCHERY. Its a great sport to enjoy with friends and family. Of course if you keep posting here we will consider you family.:hug:

    Now for the bad news::::::::::Where were you 2 years ago?? I had a 10 year old Jenning Carbon Extreme all setup with d-loop,sights,peep,rest,stabalizer,wrist sling,and a case I sold for $100. Not the fastest bow out there but she sure was smooooth. sorry:doh:
  9. pred8er

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    First off: :welcome: back to archery!!!

    Secondly, I firmly believe that you should buy the best you can afford right out of the gate if this is something you truely want to do. The reason being, is that down the line if you bought cheap to start off with, you will only spend even more money because now you have to buy twice. If you bought the best you could afford, it will work with and for you for a long time.

    Third, if you commit a substantial sum of money towards something, there is a greater probability that you will follow through with it and continue moving in the direction of your goal because you feel obligated (and hopefully because you enjoy it!).

    As far as finding a bow, decide what brand and model you like. It may help to find a bow a couple of years old as it will be much cheaper, but will give good performance. You can look in the classifieds here, on ebay, or on another archery site.

    Whatever you decide, good luck. Again, welcome back to archery and remember to ask any question. Someone else probably has the same question and I know that someone on here can answer it.