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    I was hunting in Middleton, Ma. from a tree stand, I watched a 8 point buck come in. I heard him, turned around slowly and there he was walking right at me. I waited for him to put his head down before I decided to stand up. I waited, with my heart pumping intently,until he was about 20 yards away. I drew back,and right before I was about to take the shot my uncle paged me accidentally on the radio. At that instant the deer looked right up at me, and I took the shot. Watched him run away with my arrow in his side for about 25 yards and then he started walking again. I called my uncle on the radio and told him what was going on. We met up and waited 2 hours before looking for him. We started looking for the deer and we follwed a pretty healthy trail of blood then the blood stopped, we foundnd my arrow across the street from where we had been looking for it, about 5 hours later. He had broken it off on a tree that he had been rubbing. The blood started again, stopped and I never found him. This is my first experience with a deer comeing in on me and I'm sure I will never forget it. Hopefully next time I will have better luck. That is the last thing I would have wanted to happen, I saw where I wanted to hit him had him in my sight so I took the shot. Its all part of the sport I guess if it was easy to kill them everyone would do it.
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    It is part of hunting. Something to consider. The type of blood. When we come across dark red blood I back off for a long period of time - overnight if possible and the shooter is not 100% sure of the hit. Vital blood will usually give you a lighter red, oxyigenated (bubbly) look. Dark red will give you an animal that may go a long ways if pushed. Good luck to all!
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