Coyotes and Deer

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by bigbluehntr, Dec 30, 2007.

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    I live and hunt in the Northern Kentucky area. I only hunt on a 16 acre farm but there are a lot of deer and turkey. But the past month or so I have only seen 2 does while sitting in a tree stand. Last week, I saw two coyotes run through the property and have seen a lot of their tracks around the farm. I usually see quite a bit of deer throughout the bow season but have had no luck this year. Do coyotes effect the deer that bad? Have they ran them off our farm or am I just sitting in the wrong spots at the wrong time? Any advice I would appreciate.
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    Could be all of the above. I hunt one property that is loaded with deer in the fall but one it gets into winter they are gone. I dont know for sure if they yard up on another property or what but I walked the whole property after a fresh snowfall and only found one set of deer tracks. It was wierd.

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    I would start shooting coyotes!
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    If they are in a pack they can take down a full grown deer and kill it so you might want to start to shoot them

    I have to start to do that to :frusty:
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    Any thing else change over the last couple of months? Crops get plowed under? Some body build a house nearby? Talk to your nearbiors. Have they noticed the same thing? We have a lot of coyotes up here. We also have a lot of deer.
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    if you dont have any food source around your area deer is not going to hang around:D I hunt 100+ acres I seen lots of deer earlier in the year I need more deer meat so i been hunting the same property and I have not seen any deer or any sign of them. :Cry: I should had fill my tags when I had the chance :doh:
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    It can be :frusty: at times to say the least.Where i hunt in mark twain the deer have always been there,but this season,just wasn't there and i'm not the only one in my area that noticed it and no one can come up with a reason why.There are a lot of yotes but i don't think that's the reason.We had some really strange weather back in the spring that i believe had something to do with it....had a late march ice storm(lasted over a wk) and the temps hit the bottom and killed everything that was budded/leafed out and i think it was hard on the deer/doe's that were about to give birth.omo.Had reports of some finding dead turkey's(not from yotes) that was blamed on the late "March" ice storm....imo by the time spring arrives the animals are pretty dang hungry and it has to be devastating to have all that new browse/food become available than have it wiped out in a day or two... and i believe it can have a major impact on game.