Crossbow fight for or against?

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by brainpower1, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. brainpower1

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    Man there was a crossbow discussion about allowing them to be used during the archery season and it was heated.

    Sure seems like we hunters spend a lot of time argueing instead of working together.

    My personal feelings is that it is only a matter of time before the become legal to use in most states.

    Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
  2. rmarchery

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    Here in GA. its legal as of last year, i can't really say wheither it is a good thing or a bad thing, but i do think that if you are able (health wise) to draw and shoot a bow then its just a lazy thing....

  3. Chris

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    I think only time will tell if it is a good thing or bad. I think if it makes sloppy hunters better than it's a good thing. It would mean less wounded deer. If it just brings more "bowhunters" into the woods without practice than it's a bad thing.

    If it was legal, I would probably own one. Once in a while it would be nice to hunt with something else. Same reason I have looked at muzzleloaders. I have no intention of giving up my compound bow deer hunting though.
  4. boomhower

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    hello i bought my dad one so we could hunt together if you have not ever shoot a crossbow they are very hard to shoot even with a scope they are heavy a hard to aim and very easy to draw them wrong just alittle off center throws them off pretty good . i just hope people learn to shoot them good before they go to the woods .i think every body shood have to take a shooting test with what they hunt with like with driving a car maybe people would work on there shooting more maybe
  5. OutbackRuss

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    here in NC you can use one if you have some sort of handycap, If your able to you have to use a bow, i feel that is how it should be.
  6. Pinky

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    You are correct Outback. In NC, hunters with disabilities (that make shooting conventional equipment impossible) can get a permit to use a cross bow during the archery season. This is a good thing IMO.

    A thing to remember about cross bows. They don't pack the punch a conventional bow does. They make look real sleek and powerful, but the kinetic energy of the bolts are less than that of a long shaft. If I am wrong, someone please correst me.

    From what I understand, the cross bow was designed for close range combat. The long bow was the weapon of choice for extended ranges.

    I have found that I am more accurate with my compound than I am with a cross bow. But, the cross bow is fun to shoot.
  7. bjcrawfo

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    I think the only time that someone should be using a cross bow is if they are over 60 or handicapped.. Bottom Line. They are trying to pass this law of legalizing crossbows in Alabama right now.. I think it is gonna pass but I sure dont want it to. I have been in to many shops and have seen to many people that I know can hunt with a bow, buying a crossbow. It makes me sick! :mad:
  8. pred8er

    pred8er He who eats fuzzy animals

    Just curious to see if there is a change of opinion on this topic since it's almost 3 years later.

    Personnally, I don't see a need for them. But then again, I'm still young and strong enough to be able to pull back a compound. It seems to me (at least in Virginia) that it's just one more license the state can sell. I will admit that it puts more hunters in the woods, which means more people are atleast attempting to learn the sport, but I have to wonder how many of them are learning all the correct concepts of archery, stealth, bow hunting, tracking (the list goes on). And how many are just using it as a means to extend their hunting seasons from general firearms.
  9. goldflinger

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    My dad has hunted for years with a gun. So he has plenty of hunting experiece but never managed to get a deer with the bow.As he got older he hunted less and less with the bow. We started bow hunting more as a family about 6 years ago so he went and got himself a crossbow. Last year he shot his first deer with a "bow" at age 75.........He also won a Mathews drenalin on a raffle ticket last summer. During the season he would switch back and forth between bows, but ended up getting the buck with his crossbow. He was practicing as much as he could with his drenalin this spring, wanting to go to at least one shoot with us this summer and maybe a deer with it this fall. Unfortunatly he hurt his shoulder starting the weeed eater about a month ago and doesn't know it he will be able to shooot with us..Any way I'm darn glad he was able to get at least one deer with a bow and hopefully many more.
  10. dbdcougar

    dbdcougar He Who Drops His Bow Arm

    Here are so KE comparisons from another site.

    Compound Bows:

    Manufacturer ......Model......FPS....... Arrow/Grains...Foot/Lbs.

    Bear................Truth ..........314..........350..............77 =Kinetic Energy = 76.64
    PSE.................X Force.........350..........350.............95 =Kinetic Energy = 95.23
    APA..............Black Mamba...... 345.........350.............92=Kinetic Energy = 92.53
    Mathews.........Drenalin..........320.........350.............79 =Kinetic Energy = 79.6
    Hoyt..............Vectrix ...........316.........350.............78 =Kinetic Energy = 77.62


    Manufacturer Model........FPS........Arrow/Grains...........Foot/Lbs.

    Horton.....HunterHD175.....320.........406...............117 =Kinetic Energy = 117.15
    Ten Point..Phantom185......343........420 ...............134 =Kinetic Energy = 109.75
    Excalibur..Equinox225........350........350 ................95 =Kinetic Energy = 95.23
    Parker.....Saf. Mag.HP175...340........420................132 =Kinetic Energy = 107.84
    Bowtech.. Stryker175.........405.........425 ...............155 =Kinetic Energy = 154.83

    The edge in KE doesn't seem to translate to any advantage in distance though. I agree they are heavy and a pain to haul around. I don't have a problem allowing them in archery season but I don't have any interest in owning one either. They don't have any advantages unless you can't draw a vertical bow. We have a few Ohio regulars on here, they allowed them in archery season and from what I've read it didn't have that much of an impact; they can give us their experiences. When the day comes I can't handle a compound I'll probably look into one. I really think the fears of allowing them are way overblown. :noidea:
  11. fx77

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    X Bow

    Here it comes:
    The goal is a clean humane kill. Most hunters of deer I know usean elevted platform which is more ambush than hunt. So as I see it what's the difference? the outcome is the same. Most have no commitmenmt to the process anyway.
  12. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?

    tep are so right
    and to add in my opinion
    X-bows,pistols,rifles,shotguns,scoped muzzle loaders..should all be classed togeather in 1 season..

    compounds.and triditional archery should have there own season
    and primitive muzzle loaders should have there own.

    but and not bowhunting to me....:frusty:
    I cant pull a bow back right now but id pick a rifle over a X-bow any day
    and if i have to use and X-bow in bowhunting season
    I WONT HUNT...IT AINT RIGHT:censored:
    I hate them..sorry
  13. Wheely

    Wheely Wheely Threads

    I have never even seen a x-bow in person, so I just don't know. I think I would have to shoot one and learn more about them before I decided what they should be classed as.:noidea:
  14. jkcerda

    jkcerda the GOON squad POSEE

    God it would be nice if more people considered that b4 making their opinion or posting based on assumption, myself included of course:frusty:
  15. pred8er

    pred8er He who eats fuzzy animals

    To clarify things, I personnally do not have a problem with people using crossbows to hunt with if they are legal to do so. I just don't see a need for them, which is to say that they are not for me. I also don't see a need for a .338 Laupa rifle (a little :rolleyes: overkill if you ask me), but if its something you want to use, go for it. I will say that I do not think that it should be allowed in archery season. I think that in order to be used during archery season, your bow should have to be drawn in the presence of the animal. If crossbow users were to agree to draw their bows in the presence of the animal, I wouldn't care if they used them during archery season. Deer see movement and alot of hunters are busted during the draw.

    fx77, sorry, didn't see where you were from. I don't know about the deer in your area, but where I hunt, they look up all the time. I've seen them follow the jets in the sky as they flew low overhead (yes, I hunt around airports and military landing fields). I've been busted drawing my bow in a treestand. Just a thought.
  16. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?


    I just wanted to add a little bit of information to the true archers that read this..

    I made this same statement last year and it is 100% FACT..

    1:You dont want X-bow's legal to hunt during regular archery season
    The reason..there are many.
    The main one is, and i hope and pray for you guys, it doesent get passed in your state like it did in our's

    before X-bows were legel in archery season..there were 4 to 5 bow shops within 40miles of me and about 6 archery clubs many like turkey shoots every sat and sun, it was awesome.

    now after the law being passed..1 bow shop 45miles away..he carries 1/2 bows 1/2 Muzzleloaders and X-bows.and 2 archeryclubs 1, 25mls the other 40mls.

    X-bows caused a decline in triditional and compounds sales by atleast 50% or even more.
    why do you think that manufactures are trying to get the speed of the compound to get close or equal the X-bow..they wanna sell both.they dont want the compound to die.
    X-bow"s are like rifles..onces set thats it...maybe with a yearly checking.
    you dont need a pro shop anymore for and X-bow

    My best friend owned one of the biggest archery shop and range that went out of bussiness the same october that X-bows were passed
    about 1/2 the people that came into his shop dropped there compounds and picked up an X-bow because they were the type that just wanted to kill deer and were to lazy to fine tune the sport of Real Archery compounds and triditional.

    I bought out his shop and moved it into a large shed behind my house.
    had around 30 archer's that stopped by to shoot and i worked on there bows and made arrows. anything they needed with there tackle i got for them.

    after what like 4-5 years of X-bows.

    I see about 20 of the 30 that wont pick up a compound or recurve any more and laugh at me because i still shoot a compound.
    i have about 5 maybe 6 guys stop by to still work on there bows now.
    No bs....kenny
  17. Ronhop

    Ronhop RIP

    My opinion is that x-bows should have a season like muzzle-loaders (4 days a year) and/or it should be regulated to the person's age. Like over 65 or something like that.

    Illinois changed things last season. It used to be thet you needed a proven medical condition to hunt with an x-bow. Now I believe it's anybody over the age of 65 can use one to hunt. I don't think I have an issue with that but I can tell you that I do NOT want x-bows being the norm out there for any yahoo that wants to just take the easy way out.

    As far as ethics are concerned, you need to practice and you need to at least have a bit of a passion for the sport of archery. Either that or go get yourself a rifled barrell shotgun and take your game from 100 yards where the things cannot see or smell you.

    That's a different game and a different world. I have friends that come show up all hard and such over a 130 pound doe they shot at 100 yards.

    Who gives a crap ? Easy kill and requires little experience or passion to take a deer like that. X-bows fall into a similar category, although not quite the same. You still need to **** them and sight them in... With a relatively high power scope... That's simple stuff and an easy way out.

    I hear ya Kenny and I definitely do not disagree with you.

  18. BowhuntnHoosier

    BowhuntnHoosier Bisquit.......

    I don't like them for hunting in archery season. Thats just my opinion. Maybe make them legal in gun season but not archery. They are legal here I believe in the late archery right now though.:peace:
  19. OneMustFall

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    No problem with crossbows here!

    I feel if its legal then use one.I consider a crossbow as i do a black powder rifle,its almost a one shot deal....much harder to reload than a bow.
    Also for people who feel no need for a crossbow,what if you were a die hard bow hunter and lost the use of your leggs and you just couldnt use a bow,would you just give it up or latch on to a crossbow and get in them can talk all you want about how negative you think they are but until sommin happens to you its a different story...we all had to start bowhunting sometime and we either were tought or learned how from good people like this sight has,i see no difference in learning to shoot a crossbow..............:amen:

    And yes i have shot them both..........
  20. pred8er

    pred8er He who eats fuzzy animals

    If I lost my legs, then I guess I have a medical reason to use one, but I have already learned the ethics of hunting with a bow. How to get close enough for an ethical shot, how to judge distance & how to track and recover downed game so I wouldn't feel as though I were getting over on any other "archer" in the woods.