Custom built Victory arrows!! Great Prices!!!

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    God's Country Outdoors and Pathfinder Arrow Wraps are excited to offer
    3Dshoots members a great deal on pre-built arrows. Here is what we will do for you.

    1. Cut the shafts to length.
    2. Install your inserts or glue in points.
    3. Wrap the shafts with your choice of our basic wrap layouts.
    4. Fletch the arrows.
    5. Align your nocks.
    6. Ship the arrows to your house. (conus, shipping will vary outside the US)

    All of this for the outstanding prices listed below.

    VForce V1 - $100
    VForce V3 - $80
    VForce V6 - $60

    VForce HV V1 - $115
    VForce HV V3 - $95
    VForce HV V6 - $75

    X-Ringer V1 - $120
    X-Ringer V5 - $70
    X-Ringer HV V1 - $130
    X-Ringer HV V5 - $80

    VX-22 V1 - $120
    VX-22 V5 - $70

    VX-22 HV V1 - $130
    VX-22 HV V5 - $80

    X-Killer V1 - $158
    X-Killer V5 - $82

    Armor Piercing V1 - $158
    Armor Piercing V3 - $116
    Armor Piercing V6 - $82

    VForce Pink Arrows - $100

    VForce Junior - $55

    Crossbow Bolts - $55

    Fletching choices include: 2” Blazer Vanes and 1.5” Mini-Blazers, 4” Bohning Killer Vanes, 1.5”, 2”, and 3” Fusion Vanes. All Fletching is done straight with a 1 degree right offset.

    These are complete arrows shipped to your door. We stock most shafts, but may have to order some from time to time. Turn around time should be around 7-10 days.

    We can build your arrows with custom designed arrow wraps. If you want something unique we can design it and wrap your arrows for $10 extra.

    We accept paypal, visa, mastercard, check or money order.

    When telling us what length to cut the shafts, give us the measurement from the nock groove to the end of the shaft.

    To order, email us at [email protected], send us a private message or give us a call at 812-865-4663.