Custom Mathews Q2XL w/accessories

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    I have a Mathews Q2XL target bow with a custom painted riser and several accessories for sale. The bow is in pristine condition and has a draw length of 28 inches with a draw weight of 55-70 lbs. The axle-to-axle length is 38 inches and the let-off is 70 %.

    $450 plus shipping.


    The riser has been custom painted a beautiful metallic green and sports a Shrewd Precision machined aluminum target grip and a woven nylon wrist sling.

    The limbs are black with a gold Mathews logo and the cams are non-anodized aluminum with Simms Limb Savers and a Zebra Twist string.

    Includes a slide-bar type Pro-Line Micro Target Sight with a 9 inch extension arm and a metallic scale.

    Includes a Specialty Archery Products 2x Super Scope.

    Includes a Bear/Jennings Y-bar stabilizer (exactly like the one now produced by Shibuya) that allows the side-bars to be adjusted 360 degrees in any direction to achieve any angle necessary to counterbalance the other accessories. Also, the Y-bar mount is equipped with Torque Flight Compensator Modules that work in conjunction with the 9 inch carbon side-bars and variable head weights to absorb recoil vibration. This combination provides the archer the ability to customize the set-up to their own personal shooting form.

    Includes a Precision Balance 10 inch graphite target stabilizer and a matching head-weight.

    Includes a Golden Key 3D Rover micro-adjustable arrow rest with a dual bearing micro-drive system.

    Includes ten Easton ACC 3-28 arrows with nocks, 2.5” fletching, and nibb points. In addition, each arrow weighs in at just under 300 grains and thus places the set-up in compliance with the “5 grains per pound” rule.

    Includes a green Stanislawski Back-Tension release.

    Includes a lockable, aluminum, hard case to protect the bow and accessories during transport.