Cut on contact vs. chisel points

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  1. MTColl28734

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    What are the advantages/disadvantages of the two types of broadheads? I've read that cut-on-contacts have a little more kinetic energy at impact, but most of 'em seem to be less sturdy than chisel points. I'm a really new archer and I'm probably more likely to hit a shoulder or a boulder (if I hit anything at all) than most of you folks. How do the two types hold up to less than perfect shots?
  2. maximus

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    Hey buddy welcome to bowhunting,
    Both have their advantages, I've tried many and always end up going back to the same one.Muzzy 3 blade with chisel point. They fly great,relatively inexpensive,and best of all will penetrate thru a shoulder blade like it wasn't even there.Both deer I shot this year were 30 yrd. shots and the arrow passed right thru and still had enough left to stick 8 inches into the ground.

  3. MoSkeeter0311

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    I use the chisel point. Used the Muzzy for years but now like the Slick Tricks also. Both good broadheads.
  4. Holy Smokes

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    I think taht you will find tha chiesle ponits wil do you a great job of penetration and damage to the vascular system og a game animal
    we are after bleeding to encourage a clean kill
    no danger of blade malfunction on fixed heads
    I to have converted to muzzy 3 100 gr
    1st deeer I harvesrted was a 6 pt
    2 yrs ago with them at 12 yrds and it went in at a qrt away at the 2 rib up and logded deep in tha shoulder joint oppisite side
    and had to be cut out of it
    tha blades still in tack after tha buck ran 100rds
    1 tuff cookie is tha
    muzzzy fly great and very dependable
    Hey we all git a bad shot now and then
    so git out there and take a close clean shot and watch em fall
    Happy hunting,Sm:smokin:kes
  5. lungcutter

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    I like the chisel tip, I have seen a few cut on contact blades curl a little after the shot. Either one will do a great job on an animal that is the size of the whitetail. My favorite is the Crimson Talon.

    We have plenty of energy with the bow today. You only need 40 pounds legally hunt, so I'm betting that a 60+ pound set up is more than enough to shoot either head.
  6. HCAman

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    Same here, I shot the muzzy for years. I still have several laying around incase I decide to go back. But I prefer the Crimson Talon. :peace: I love the way they fly and I change blades after every kill anyway. The blades are better than they were in the beginning, but I still like to change them after a use. I use the experienced blades for target practice.:D

    :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
  7. Hook Em

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    Cut on contact are better for lower poundage, but still work great for higher poundage as well. I use chisel points myself...slick tricks
  8. BuckeyeRed

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    My vote is for chisel tips as well. I've tried different cut on contacts and the Rage last year. They all do the job, but the coc bhs take a beating. Chisel tips are great for getting thru shoulder bones and less chance on deflection. Started w/ Muzzy 100gr 3 blade orignals and now use the MX3, Great bh.
  9. BowhuntnHoosier

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    I just can't find anything wrong with Muzzy's. Until I do I'm not changing.

    If it ain't broke then don't fix it.............:peace:
  10. dbdcougar

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    First and only so far Muzzy MX3 - so far so good. :thumb:
  11. J.Blay

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    Please do yourself and the deer a favor and practice, practice, and practice some more in the same conditions and from the same elevation you're going to hunt from, if at all possable. A target tip will make a kill and produce a blood trail if it passes through the lungs of a deer. Any quality hunting tip will kill a deer and produce a fair blood trail if it hits it's mark. I use the Atom 100 grain. It hits the EXACT same place a target tip does even if your bow is out of tune. The only malfunction I ever had was when the razor wires sprung before exiting the chest cavity. The blood trail was light and the exit wound was small but I hit a lung and found the deer less than 100 yards away. The Atom is made by the same manufacturer as the Guitine for turkey. Arrowdynamic solutions, I think. Welcome to my favorite obsession, bowhunting.
  12. Shortshaft

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    Another Muzzy 3 blader here!
  13. sbooy

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    I prefer a chisel point just encase I hit something hit hard...:D
  14. Werd

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    i choose field tips, due to that i cant hit the animal so atleast i dont bend blades and what not lollol.:biggrin1: naw, all jokes aside. i think chizzle are better for damage internally and cut on impact for better blood and bigger holes. well both leave good holes just that cut on impact open up a little better i think.
  15. celticgladiator

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    i agree, don't have anything bad to say about Muzzy products. just bought some of their small game tips, they look nasty, can't wait to try 'em out
  16. J-Daddy

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    I've killed deer with both chisel tips & cut on contacts "and alot with mechanicals" and I do think the cut on contact heads penetrate a bit better. I'm gonna hunt with Steelforce Phatheads this year, they are a small cut on contact but the main blade is .080 thick...That's the thickest on the market that I know of.
    You can check them out at=