cxl2's250's for sale another killer deal...

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  1. glenny

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    I have ten Cxl2 250's
    28 3/8" in length
    2.5 quickspins
    Outserts and inserts with 19/2 beiternocks
    Titanium cxl points set at 120 grains/they are adjustable/have the other weights if you would like too.
    Total weight is 351-352.
    One vane is tore on one shaft.
    80 dollars to the doorstep.
    this is firm.
    I payed 135 for the shafts
    20 for the vanes
    38 for the point
    14 for the nocks
    12 for the inserts
    They end up in the 12 rings,great shaft.
  2. glenny

    glenny Guest

    These are being considered.

    They might be sold...but I will let ya know.
    If ya want them ya better jump on them right now.